7 secrets to successfully trading on Amazon

Original author: John Bryan
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Why is it profitable to sell on Amazon?

The Internet has blurred the boundaries between countries and continents, allowing you to conduct business from anywhere in the world or buy online from any mainland. For example, you can right now buy in one of 2000 online stores of the service located in one of the world and receive cashback for your purchase while in Russia. It makes no sense to limit yourself to local markets given these conditions. We present to your attention a series of articles devoted to e-commerce, from which you can learn a lot about the foreign markets and the mechanics that are used there. Today we’ll talk about how to start selling on Amazon.

Secret number 1. Content Quality

- Basic Images - White Background, No Watermarks or Text
- 1000 px or more for the zoom feature
- At least 500px on the longest side (main picture)
- Preferred JPEG format
- Photos from different sides at different angles
- Checking the requirements of your category for product photos

- One of the most important elements in any market
- make your title used in the search for Amazon
- Clothing / shoes have their own requirements
- the original name = no more than 80 characters
- Create a header, including the main parameters of the goods
- is known Amazon if the directory information does not correspond to your product

- For the most convenient choice of the main parameters (such as sizes, colors, etc.), they should be in the same list

- Explore what parameters are available in your category
Example: Size, Color, Item Package Quantity

- Use the parameters that apply on Amazon
Example: Blue, not Dark Blue

- Make sure the children are unique
Example: Men's T-shirt, Blue XL; Men's T-shirt, Blue Large; Men's T-shirt, Blue Medium.

Product Information
Make sure that your product is described in detail and accurately

- Recommendations for describing the main characteristics of the product:
  • The text of each paragraph should be concise and informative.
  • It is advisable not to use more than five items in the list.
  • The list of features is located directly next to the picture.

- Recommendations for describing the product itself
  • Do not use special characters in the description
  • Description must be true and match the product.
  • Use unique attributes in the product description (Amazon recommendation)

Secret number 2. Optimize Your Keywords

Keywords are used by buyers to find products on Amazon. Using the most relevant keywords, you will help customers see your product at the top of the Amazon product listing.

1. Put yourself in the place of the buyer - think how they are looking for goods?
2. Experiment
3. Use single keywords instead of phrases
4. According to the rules, you can use no more than five keywords for each product
5. Avoid keywords that are already used in headings
6. Do not use competitors' brands and trademarks as keywords in avoid pausing product placement

Optimize your keywords: attributes
Be sure to browse through other categories to expand your product search by other criteria on Amazon. Please note:
+ What is the product used for ? + The
target audience of your product
+ Where is the product used and what is

Secret No. 3. Win a BUY BOX

Win a BUY BOX: Criteria

1. Competitive price (research competitors' prices and consider using Repricing Software)
2. Fast and efficient delivery (preferably free)
3. In stock and in sufficient quantity
4. Positive customer reviews
5. Low costs for returning goods by the buyer

Win BUY BOX: Amazon Repricing Software

1. Use Repricing Software as one of the strategies for getting BUY BOX
2. The BUY BOX engine uses Repricing Software and automatically adjusts the price of the product
3. Minimize margins to increase sales
4. The price of your product should not radically differ from the price of competitors
5. Repricing Software is also used to control and search for errors in price lists

Secret No. 4. Make the most of the FBA

program The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program is a program that allows you to sell more goods, not worry about storing them in warehouses and forget about delivery problems!
How does FBA work:
- Wholesale send goods to Amazon (you can send any quantity of goods)
- The goods will be stored in the center closest to your Amazon Fulfillment customers
- Amazon will pack and deliver your goods worldwide - Amazon will take care of customer service 24 hours a day, which in its queue can increase your customer service

FBA rating : Benefits
Benefits to sellers using FBA:
1. Access to Amazon Prime Members
Amazon Prime Members are users who have access to fast and free shipping
2. Your customers are automatically entitled to “Super Saver Shipping "
Super Saver Shipping rewards its customers with free shipping for their purchases of $ 25 or more.
3. Responsibility for working with customers is entirely on Amazon. You never interact directly with customers who have purchased your product through Amazon.com. With the FBA, you don’t have to waste time on minor complaints, tinkering with returns, or replacing lost or stolen items.
4. If your goods are stored in Amazon Fulfillment Centers - you have a better chance to win BUY BOX
5. More profit by reducing costs using the FBA program
6. Easy access to customers who buy at the last minute (pre-holiday purchases) and to customers from other countries
7. Get easy access to international customers
8. Huge discount on delivery due to the partnership between Amazon and UPS (United Parcel Service)
9. Используйте FBA для продаж товара с собственного сайта или с eBay.

Секрет №5. Продавайте по всему миру

— Глобальные рынки с Амазоном
— Глобальные продажи с Амазоном
— Удобный экспорт с программой FBA

Согласно исследованиям Nielsen и PayPal, оборот трансграничной торговли интернет магазинов будет составлять $307 млрд к 2018 году, а количество трансграничных онлайн покупателей достигнет 130 млн.

Глобальные рынки

Амазон Канада
— 16-ый сайт по посещаемости в Канаде
— Большое количество категорий
— Доступ к программе Amazon Prime
— Возможность хранения товара на собственных складах или на складах Amazon через программу FBA

Амазон Европа
- England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy
- More than 164 million active buyers in 2013
- 30% of total sales from the Amazon site were committed by third-party sellers
- Monthly traffic at Amazon.co.uk amounted to more than 20 million unique visitors. Attendance at Amazon.de and Amazon.fr were 24 million and 13 million, respectively.

Amazon FBA Export is a great way to sell abroad

- FBA Export
products are stored in Amazon warehouses - A list of these products on the site is available to international customers
- There are no additional fees besides your payment for FBA. Using the Amazon FBA Export metric, you can analyze in which country your product is sold most profitably.

Amazon delivers quality worldwide shipping.
Amazon Global offers high-quality delivery to international destinations. If the buyer orders the goods to their own address or sends a gift, Amazon will deliver it to the world without any problems.

Secret number 6. Use Promotions

Do you run promotions on your website? Do not forget about Amazon!

Types of major promotions on Amazon
1. Free shipping. Great for pre-holiday customers buying at the last minute (make a quick delivery discount)
Example: spend $ 150 or more and get a free two-day delivery

2. Special discount
Example: spend $ 50 and get a $ 5 discount

3. Buy one, get the second for free (from the range of products, determine one or more products suitable for this promotion.)

4. Additional bonuses (discount on the next purchase)
Example: Spend $ 50 and get a gift card for $ 10

Promotions: Best methods and strategies. The
best strategy is a direct discount on goods, but you can use other discount options, such as
- scheduled discounts (for example, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday)
- promotional codes and online coupons
- discounts on certain products

Secret No. 7. Watch metrics carefully

. Amazon trademark implies customer service.
Play by the rules!
The higher the reputation, the more sales!

Keep up with customer metrics.
Daily monitor the quality and effectiveness of your sales
- Order Defect Rate <1%
- Pre-Fulfillment Cancel Rate: <2.5%
- Late Ship Rate: <4% (late
delivery ) Quality delivery is the key to success
- Deliver on time and provide package tracking

Order Defect Rate
Three factors of this metric:
- Respond quickly to negative reviews
- Fulfill warranty obligations
- Send money for return products without delay

Communication with customers
Amazon tracks how fast you respond to customers

Stay in touch 24 hours per day!

Measure everything!

In future articles, we’ll talk more about some of the Amazon programs we mentioned here.

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