Do it yourself: alcoholic game "Sea battle"

    3D printing enthusiasts uploaded STL files of two- and three-decked ships for playing BattleShots - this is a variant of the famous game “Sea Battle”. Moreover, a rather specific option.

    In two-decked ships, two openings for glasses, in three-decked ships, three. Four-handed ships are not provided, probably for reasons of humanity.

    “Sea battle” is a game for two participants in which players take turns calling the coordinates on an opponent’s map unknown to them. If the opponent has a ship at these coordinates (coordinates are busy), then the ship or part of it is “drowning”, and the hit gets the right to make another move. The goal of the player is the first to hit all enemy ships.

    We all played in "Sea Battle" on the leaves in the box. In this version, the game was born somewhere during the First World War. Later, the American company Milton Bradley Company released a game in a desktop version, with a plastic box.

    In 1979, the first computer game, Sea Battle, was released.

    BattleShots with shot glasses is another reincarnation of the cult game. It can be said, this is an option for adults.

    Four files are currently available for printing.

    Military cargo ship (two-deck)

    Military cargo ship (three-deck)

    Battleship (two-deck)

    Nuclear submarine (three-deck)

    You need to print two sets of ships. You will also need a board for the playing field, drawn into squares with a side of 68 mm, small glasses or plastic cups and something to indicate misses, for example, bottle caps.

    The logic is clear. If the opponent gets into the ship (injured), then you need to drink a glass of strong drink.

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