Twitter will launch an advertising tweet service in two months

    Earlier on Habré the news was published that the Twitter service is going to try one more way of monetization. For a long time, Twitter made no attempt to make money at all, then introduced advertising trends, then began to advertise individual users as a test, and now it’s about to launch a system of advertising tweets that will be displayed to ordinary users in the general stream of “tweets”.

    It became known that such a system will begin to work within 8 weeks, that is, in two months all this will be launched in full force. By the way, advertising messages are no longer a test advertising system, but a proven service that will work for a long time. By the way, the cost of placing an advertising trend is 120 thousand dollars a day, so it is quite profitable for the company. Last year, right after the launch of the advertising service, the price was several times lower - from 25 to 30 thousand dollars a day.

    Currently, Twitter is already working with several hundred advertisers (approximately 600), and more than 6 thousand advertising campaigns have been conducted. Now Twitter developers are looking for a way to make advertising messages in the service as visible as possible to users. After one of the proposed methods is worked out and recognized as effective, the system will be put into operation.

    By design, advertising messages will be displayed between regular messages in the general stream of tweets. To ensure that advertising is not too intrusive, it will be made relevant to the interests of users. It is noted that advertising messages will be relevant to the search queries performed by Twitter users. Or, advertising messages from brands that are interesting to a particular user will be displayed (the methodology for calculating the relevance of ads is being finalized).

    Naturally, you still need to find people who want to advertise in this way, but looking at the popularity of the service, we can assume that there will be no problems with advertisers. The company hopes to earn $ 100 million this year. This is not the 3.5 billion that Facebook receives, but it’s also pretty decent, especially since Twitter has recently become a profitable service (how profitable is another question).


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