Get to know each other? .TEL

    Dear Khabravchans, we remind you that registration of numerical and short (two-character) domains in the .TEL zone, which were previously unavailable for registration, is open. New .TEL domain features allow you to register phone numbers, city codes, and even car license plates; ) Do you adore your car? So dedicate the whole site to her! We invite you to take advantage of a 10% discount on domain registration in the .TEL zone from REG.RU.

    Recall that when registering domain names in the .TEL zone, some restrictions apply:
    1. The domain name must contain from 2 to 63 characters;
    2. names containing only numbers should not consist of more than 7 digits, including a hyphen. Register domains like or, alas, will fail;
    3. two-letter domains that match the name of the first-level national domains, for example,, are not available for registration.

    More your imagination is not limited by anything. You can even use a PIN code from a credit card as a domain name, but in this case we do not guarantee that your finances will remain there for a long time;)

    Instructions for obtaining discounts on registering .TEL in REG.RU :
    Enter the promo code in the special field WEEK-TEL and press the "Activate" button. Select the account to which you want to apply a discount, and click "Apply discount". You can use the promo code from June 23 to 30, 2011.

    Still in doubt, is it worth registering a .TEL domain? Here is the detailed instructions for use from the zone administrator:

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