Our little joys or how to please ourselves on a budget on February 23?

    Our annual men's holiday is approaching. On this wonderful day, our women will give us love, affection and socks. And we will sincerely depict on our faces the joy of such an unexpected and desired gift, because we love them the way they are. I'm talking about women, of course, but about socks, too.

    And in order to receive a gift from a dear woman from the Russian Post on a holiday, I suggest that you pamper yourself with funny little things from the Middle Kingdom. This is what I have chosen for myself.

    1. Hammock for legs - $ 13.92 (*)

    I believe that many of us spend a lot of time at the desktop and, I think, each of you has friends who walk in slippers at work to make their legs easier. I do it myself. But with this hammock you can even get out of slippers to stretch your legs and give them even more comfort. I am sure that your feet will appreciate such care :)

    2. Foldable laptop cooling pad - $ 3.07 (*)

    My old stand is suitable only for home use, as it takes up more space than the laptop itself. Therefore, when I saw this folding system - I was delighted. True they say that everything ingenious is simple and 950 orders for Ali confirm this.

    3. Convenient solar panels - $ 29.59 (*)

    Charging from the sun is no longer news, but before that I had only met some uncomfortable or completely made devices on my knee. In this case, it is clear that everything is thought out and charging is as easy as folding. It is no less curious that you can choose not only 2 panels, but up to 10. With an increase in the number of panels, power increases, though the cost increases up to $ 180.

    4. Universal control panel - $ 3.10 (*)

    This small carnation can turn your phone into a replacement for any control panel, as it adds an infrared port. Then you just need to download the desired application and you can control the TV, air conditioners, music system and other gadgets equipped with remote controls.

    5. Musical hat- $ 12.92 (*)

    Finally, real winter has come - the streets are littered with snow and periodically freezes so much that during a conversation the hand that holds the phone freezes. This hat will easily solve this problem, as it has a pair of headphones, a microphone and of course a “blue tooth” for connecting to the phone. And in this header you can enjoy your favorite music without extra wires, which is really convenient.

    6. Wireless joystick for phone - $ 18.99 (*)

    Probably the biggest problem in all games on the phone is the lack of tactile sensations. With this wireless joystick, the situation is changing, so you can forget about a finger that suddenly came out of the control zone and other minor, but annoying, troubles.

    7. A micro camera, like a keychain - $ 6.91 (*)

    It may seem that this is just a souvenir piece of plastic made in the form of a camera, but it hides much more interesting possibilities. This spy mini camera really takes pictures and even shoots video by recording it on a microsd card. Naturally, you should not expect high-quality images from her, but as a working toy-keychain, it is very interesting.

    8. Glasses for minor repairs - $ 7.33 (*)

    Have you ever looked at jewelry? These glasses immediately reminded me of the heroes of the film who should appreciate some rare stone, but most likely their use is still in the repair of small equipment. So if you solder the boards, disassemble the clock or do other work with small items - they will definitely come in handy.

    9. Xiaomi Powerbank at 10400mAH - $ 15.69 (*)

    This is probably the most boring and well-known item from the collection, but paverbanks are very relevant, and gearbest now sells them at a special price, so I decided to share this find.
    Xiaomi technology is now very actively filling the market, as the company offers inexpensive and high-quality products. I am sure that many of you have already seen this in your personal experience. Personally, my experience has shown that Xiaomi can slightly underwork in the software part, however, these are unprincipled moments and are in no way connected with the main operation of the device. But the quality of the materials is always pleasing.

    10. Just a fun hat - $ 9.12 (*)

    I think the best use of this hat is on the ski slope. She will not let freeze and the mood for the whole day will set the most positive. I hope now, looking at this hat, you smiled a little. :)

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    ps (*) - you can return up to 5% of the purchase price by purchasing goods using these links.
    More details: dronk.ru/cashback

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