Tenth Luxoft LTS Webinar: Nicholas Frankel “How to Improve Your Tests with Mutation Testing”

    On January 29, at 19:00, the next LTS series webinar will be held, where IT expert Nicholas Frenkel will speak.

    Luxoft Technology Series (LTS) is a modern interactive project consisting of a series of free webinars with the participation of leading IT representatives from around the world. Luxoft hopes that within the framework of this global educational project, a platform will be created thanks to which IT professionals from around the world will be able to share their experience.

    Nicholas Frenkel, a lecturer and author of IT lectures and books, in his presentation entitled "How to Improve Your Tests with Mutation Testing" will show how to write test code correctly. Nicholas will demonstrate how mutation testing works and why it is effective in evaluating code quality.
    As an architect and software developer, with over 12 years of consulting experience, he specializes in Java and JavaEE technologies and works with a large number of clients from various fields (telecommunications, banking, insurance, retail and the public sector).

    As part of his presentation, Nicholas will demonstrate PIT, a platform for Java that allows mutational testing based on simple code. If time permits, the host of the webinar will also show how PIT can be integrated into Sonar.
    To participate in the webinar, which will be attended by Nicholas Frenkel, you must register at www.luxoft.com/lts .
    For more information on the Luxoft Technology Series webinar series, visit the dedicated website at www.luxoft.com/lts .

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