IOS Lock: Don't blackmail!

    Apple is likely to add one more to the noisy scandals with leaks of intimate photos of stellar Apple users. In recent days, many owners of Apple phones and tablets have encountered iCloud credential locks. Apple itself blocks accounts, reacting to massive attempts to guess passwords. Positive Technologies experts warn of attempts by cybercriminals to use iCloud lock for the purpose of extortion and urge to ignore suspicious emails.


    Similar letters have already begun to arrive, with criminals sending them on behalf of the largest Russian portal in the field of information security .

    How to recover account

    You can recover your account at - using your email address, the answer to your security question, or other methods proposed by Apple (you can save your old password or set a new one).


    Positive Technologies experts informed Apple specialists about the situation. All iCloud users who have an account blocked (most likely this was a result of insufficient automation counteraction on the iCloud side), we recommend that you refer to the official Apple recovery procedure and not succumb to the tricks of scammers.

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