Friday webinars from Skillbox: from choosing a programming language to finding your company

    New Friday, which means time to publish a selection of webinars about programming and everything connected with it. As always, in the release of a lot of useful for both beginners and experienced developers.

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    PHP programmer career

    The webinar authors are Vitaly Chesnokov, General Director of QSOFT, and Vasily Grudistov, Technical Director of QSOFT. They talk about the nuances of a PHP programmer’s career. For example, about how easy it is to start programming in PHP and how much salary can be calculated for specialists, both beginners and experienced ones.

    Online course "Profession Web Developer"

    Where a PHP developer is better: in a company or on freelance

    This webinar continues the theme of the previous one. It will be about where and why PHP developer is better to work, in a company or as a freelancer, how to develop professionally. There will also be a couple of important points for job seekers: for example, you can find out what questions are being asked at the interview.

    How to develop an application on Android

    The head of the Evotor development team, Ilya Linnik, explains how to develop an Android application: share technical details on how to work with a network, an emulator, and download pictures.

    Practical course "Mobile Developer PRO"

    First steps with Python

    Vadim Shandrinov, a programmer-tutor at online university Skillbox, has prepared a webinar for those who start writing in Python. In an hour and a half, Vadim will show how to set up a development environment, use classes and objects, and also demonstrate the advantages of this programming language.

    Python Uses for Analytics Automation

    The creator of the Internet Analytics telegram channel, Alexey Nikushin, talks about how Python can be used to automate analytics. You will find out whether this language is really so easy to learn, install Python from the distribution kit along with Alexey and see how to work with the Yandex.Metrica API and Google Analytics.

    Online course "Python-developer from scratch"

    Have a good and productive Friday!

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