Poll. Developers salaries amid falling ruble exchange rate

    Interested in the dynamics and trend of changes in the salaries of developers, against the backdrop of a sharp drop in the ruble over the past 3 months.

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    How has your salary changed?

    • 17.3% Salary in USD, has not changed. 402
    • 58.8% Salary in rubles, has not changed. 1367
    • 2.7% of the salary in rubles; it was indexed commensurate with the depreciation of the ruble. 65
    • 7.2% Salary in rubles, it was slightly indexed. 169
    • 8.2% Other. 192
    • 4.1% Cut bonuses, salaries in envelopes, other allowances. The base part in rubles was left unchanged. 97
    • 1.2% Salary in rubles remained at the same level, but irregular premiums appeared. thirty

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