Board game for the smallest programmers (from 7 years old)

    We talked with child psychologists all year and generally thought a lot about the topic of child education. As one of the results, they made a game for the development of logic.

    In general, a young programmer will need to write a stack of actions for a taxi driver . To take the passenger where necessary the first time. I must say right away that you can play from 4-5 years old. As usual, if the child is the son of an engineer, feel free to subtract 2 years from the minimum age.

    First you need to collect the city.

    In the set there are 21 tiles for its assembly, on the tiles - roads, turns and various objects such as a toy store, airport and so on. The city is going to turn out as it will, even with a rectangle, even with a zigzag. The main thing is to connect everything.

    The road sticks into the road, not otherwise.

    As the city is ready, the child takes a card from the pile. On the cards - routes like "from the airport to the zoo" and so on. Here's something like this:

    You must still recognize the beginning and end - on the map only the most important part of the object. For example, the airport in the city is the field and the plane on the side, and the airport on the card is only the same plane.

    The child should not be able to read, the main thing on the cards is the pictures. You need to find both on the city map and put the car on the road near the start of the route. In my example, to school. Here are the cars:

    Next - you need to program the action stack (well, or if the programmer is very small - the usual queue), without moving the machine from its place. For this, 50 cards with arrows are used. This is how it looks:

    Then, as the child laid out everything - the program is executed. He takes a typewriter and takes each step on the map himself.

    If you manage to get there, the card remains with him. It didn’t work out - the card is put back into the box. Whoever has collected more route maps at the end of the game wins. That's it, the move is passed on to the next child.

    This game is an example of how completely simple actions for adults become really difficult for children.The child needs to do a lot of processes in the head at once. Firstly, imagine yourself on the site of the machine or inside it. Secondly, we have a relative coordinate system - not “south-north-east-west”, but “gas, rotation”. That is, it will be necessary to program a taxi driver, given the orientation of the card. I remember, even the whole book was about why women turn cards when they travel. For a child, this is really a serious skill - to put yourself in the place of something, to see the road with "strangers" eyes. Thirdly, the child learns to quantize actions on teams. If he can make routes without errors - the main logical skill is obtained.

    It’s clear that it can be further complicated by “who will quickly assemble this route”, “and take it like this” with a particularly long task from dad, “let's play on the stack” with the assembly flipping, take 2-3 route cards at once, and so on. But most importantly - learn to control the robot. There he is.

    The rules of the game can be picked up here on the page . Do not want to buy - to make a house by the rules, in general, is quite simple. Just do it beautifully; it’s not so much the mechanics of the game that matters as the funny pictures for the child. You can buy, this is a good gift for familiar parents. Who will choose the second - do not forget to say “Habrahabr” in the note to the order or when calling the operator (or when calling back when the address is specified). There will be a maximum retail discount of 10%.

    And yes. Remember you toldme about the moments that were most important in childhood? This game is already in print.

    UPD : who is already playing their own or purchased version - go on Monday after lunch on the game page again, we will lay out the complications of the rules for playing a child and dad together. They are also cool and use the same hardware platform.

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