How an online store can use video to increase sales

    The use of video content in online stores is gaining popularity every year, and this is not surprising. Buyers cannot evaluate all the qualities of the product, focusing only on photos, so the video comes to the rescue. In addition, using video, you can quickly and easily talk about the store itself and its features.

    In the Convead service , we analyze quite a lot of online stores and notice that the conversion rate of sites that use videos is higher than those in which there is no video. Of course, many factors affect the conversion, but studies show that product videos help customers decide on a product and make a purchase decision.

    So, according to ReelSeo research, 73% of buyers are more likely to make a purchase after watching the video. In addition, 96% of customers say that the video helped them make the final purchase decision.

    But the benefits that video can bring are not just sales. Here are a few other factors influenced by the videos:

    • increase the time spent on the site;
    • increase in conversion;
    • increase in average bill;
    • Improving SEO website optimization.

    Video is a great way to get customers involved in the buying process. Now let's see what types of videos exist and what tasks they perform.

    So, here are a few video formats that online stores can use:

    • product demonstration;
    • product story;
    • corporate videos;
    • product presentation;
    • video with reviews;
    • promotional videos;
    • video from the owner or manager;
    • video instructions.

    Product demonstration

    Zappos online store says that adding a video to the product page increases conversion from 6 to 10%. Although the videos are only 10 seconds long, but during this time you can understand how clothes or shoes “sit” on a person.



    Product Story

    Walmart uses the video to talk about the benefits and details of the product. They also add videos to the Youtube channel to increase reach. For example, this video collected 13 thousand views:


    And here is another example of a video with a story about a product in the Bag & Wallet online store :


    This is a great example of how video marketing is available even to small online stores. All you need is a camcorder and time to make a video with reviews of your product.

    It is also noteworthy that in Bag & Wallet video content is created not only by the store itself, but also by customers. Here is an example of such a video.

    Corporate video

    A video telling about the company will help site visitors understand what store it has got into and learn about its approach to work.


    Headict is an online hats shop that uses videos on the home page to talk about its store and increase brand loyalty.

    Product presentation

    If you are selling one product or it is new and difficult to understand, then videos can help explain what it is intended for and what it can be useful for.

    So, for example, uses video to promote toilet spray, and video helps explain the benefits of the product and how it works. Frankly, it’s not so easy to talk about this product, but the creators of Poopourri got out of the situation with the help of very funny videos that gained unprecedented popularity.

    The video for the year gained 30,576,188 views, and themed Christmas video for the month was watched by 11,073,069 people.


    Video with reviews

    Reviews on the site in the form of text are certainly good, but videos with customers cause more confidence in the online store.

    The online store uses videos with customers who come to the store as reviews : The


    online store does the same :



    Retailers can create not only their own video reviews of goods, but also use videos from manufacturers or amateur reviews. For example, M.Video does this :


    and the Svyaznoy online store :


    In addition, for popular gadgets, cosmetics, games, you can use videos that are created by bloggers, communities or manufacturers. So, the online store of board games Tango and Cash comes in using video reviews of the official website of the manufacturer of games and communities:


    This is especially true for those online stores that sell foreign goods, since video reviews can already be created for them, you just need to find them .

    Company Story

    Using the video, you can talk about the company, its approach and inspire confidence from the site or the online store, especially if the owner or manager tells about it.

    Here is an example of such an appeal in the online store:


    Creating such content does not require much time, but it is important that it be honest and not advertising and quality.

    Video instructions

    Video tutorials or product presentations can be used for product stories. For example, video reviews of games from the Mosigra online store :


    In addition to the video on how to play, it allows you to increase loyalty to the online store, since all the videos are made with high quality and with humor, which certainly arouses the trust of customers.

    So, if you decide you want to use the video on your site, here are some more tips:

    • Use product videos from manufacturers. If they are in a foreign language, then you can make subtitles or translate clips, but this will require translation and editing work;
    • Invite customers to make a video review of the product. Now everyone has a smartphone, and fans of video recording will be happy to leave a review about the product and get with it to your online store.
    • If you are not sure that the videos will increase the conversion in your online store, then make a couple of videos and evaluate how this will affect the sales of these products. You can also understand what time and money resources the creation of one video requires.
    • In order to increase the number of views of your videos, post them on sites such as youtube or vimeo.

    Surely one of the video use cases described above is suitable for your online store, so try and evaluate the effectiveness.

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