Connect NTFS to write in Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10

    Recently, by the will of fate, became the owner of Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 and faced with an unpleasant feature that I can not write to an external drive formatted for ntfs. I wrote a short instruction, suddenly someone will come in handy. If interested, please, under cat.

    I am aware of tuxera and paragon , but I don’t want to pay for software, which is very rarely needed and can be compiled from source.

    I think all of us here are not stupid people gathered, and understand that you will use the instructions below at your own risk.

    At the moment, the quest looks something like this:

    1) Install Xcode from the Appstore,
    you will need to run it later to install the components and accept the agreement or
    xcodebuild -license

    2) We deliver tools
    xcode-select --install

    3) Install macports

    4) Port update
    sudo port -v selfupdate

    5) We put the driver
    sudo port install ntfs-3g

    6) We put the last signed version of osxfuse
    worth explaining , this step was not originally planned, but a message like "/Library/Filesystems/osxfusefs.fs/Support/osxfusefs.kext failed to load - (libkern / kext) not loadable (reason unspecified); check the system / kernel logs for errors or try kextutil (8) "made corrections

    7) Replace osxfuse
    sudo mv /opt/local/Library/Filesystems/osxfusefs.fs /opt/local/Library/Filesystems/osxfusefs.fs_ports
    sudo ln -s /Library/Filesystems/osxfusefs.fs /opt/local/Library/Filesystems/osxfusefs.fs

    8) Test mount in my case
    sudo umount /Volumes/backup/
    mkdir /Volumes/backup
    sudo ntfs-3g -o uid=501 -o gid=20 /dev/disk2s1 /Volumes/backup/

    You can use your id and gid using the id command.


    Of the minuses, I note that finder, when manually mounted, does not display a disk in the sidebar, which is not very pleasant.
    I also tried to replace /System/Library/Filesystems/ntfs.fs/Contents/Resources/mount_ntfs with my script that mounts the disk to minimize actions in the console, but somehow it did not take root.

    I must admit, it looks a bit wild and difficult to copy a file to a USB flash drive, can anyone have a more beautiful solution?

    UPD is
    funny ... when I mount ntfs with the nobrowse option, it allows me to write, but it doesn’t appear in the finder in the left panel, without this option it’s read-only ... checked on 2 poppies. where is the logic?

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