Postapocalypse in the world of wearable devices: Bethesda's new Pip-Boy incarnation

    With Bluetooth, things are getting better, and in particular, the Pip-Boy Model 3000 Mk IV from the post-nuclear world

    . The Fallout wrist computer is an interesting example of a wearable electronic device that can be called “smart”. The functions of this gadget are much more advanced than the functions of any modern smart wearable device, be it a watch, a ring, clothes or a necklace. Well, what else wearable gadget will show the level of radioactive contamination of the body? And this we still do not recall dexterity, cunning, mind and other parameters that the device can also determine.

    For many years, Fallout fans have created their own versions of a wristwatch device, and some of them succeeded more than others. Unlike many "decorative" models, the Pip-Boy version, created in 2011, is quite real.. Management is performed in the same way as in the game, with the help of various levers and wheels. Interestingly, this is a project created by a single person. A little later, realizing the popularity of the concept, Bethesda began to produce its own versions of Pip-Boy.

    In 2015, the company decided to release its version of Pip-Boy almost simultaneously with the release of Fallout 4.

    To attract the attention of fans of the series, the company released a device that is collectible. This is, in general, a toy, and not very convenient - the plastic device on its hand was not very good. The case is plastic, with the exception of a massive metal fastener, there is no screen of its own, instead it was proposed to use a smartphone. Many function buttons and knobs carried a purely decorative function. Despite this, the fans bought up all the Pip-Boy in minutes. But buyers quickly became disillusioned with this device.

    Now the company, together with ThinkGeek, has decided to release a more realistic version of the wrist computer. This is not really a toy. The device has its own display. Virtually all buttons and other controls are work. And most importantly - for the operation of the system does not need to insert a smartphone inside.

    This device is positioned by the manufacturer as a smart watch, although very unusual. Of course, you can’t take a study (if you’re not a game designer and don’t work with the same geeks) or study device. And it is in vain. Like other smart watches, the new Pip-Boy, when you switch to a smartphone, allows you to answer a call, read a message, or view a calendar event. The system comes with a docking station that can be used as a sound amplifier and charger.

    System dimensions 18 * 13 cm. Weight - 900 grams. The gadget has two stereo speakers, which allows you to play high-quality audio, plus a special USB-drive fits inside. There is also a Bluetooth module that allows you to synchronize your device with a mobile phone.

    What else?
    • Own software;
    • Cosplay mode (in this mode, the device displays screens with Status, Special, etc.);
    • Built-in battery;
    • Dock RobCo Industries.

    The declared cost of the device is $ 350. This is quite a lot for this type of gadget. But nothing prevents not to buy, but simply to admire the photograph of the device.

    And remember - Pip-Boy is not a toy at all!

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