Android Creator: The Future of Mobile is Artificial Intelligence

    But it must be AI, with the consciousness of

    Andy Rubin , one of the creators of the Android OS, often makes predictions about the future of technology, and most predictions come true. In addition, he worked on many promising areas in the development of hardware and software in the past. These directions almost always turned from purely conceptual to real ones. Of course, the most famous product of Rubin is the Android OS.

    Co-founder of Android, he began in 2003, and in 2005 the company was sold to Google. As a result, smartphone manufacturers have received a universal platform that can be used on many types of devices. After some time, it provoked a rapid development of the mobile sphere. Now Android provides the functioning of many thousands of devices, including smart watches, phones, tablets, TVs, fitness trackers and all sorts of IoT systems. But what will happen next? What should be the future of smartphones? According to Rubin, the future is a strong artificial intelligence, aware of its own existence.

    As it is known, modern specialists divide AI into strong and weak . Weak is an AI that can analyze huge amounts of information, study data arrays, find connections between individual elements of the array, and catalog it all. At the same time, this form of AI is not aware of itself and its surroundings. In fact, this is just an advanced computer system with specific software, albeit very complex. But a strong form of AI is aware of its existence and its environment. So far, man has managed to create only a weak form of artificial intelligence, although it also provides significant assistance to scientists, doctors, engineers, and information technology specialists. As for the strong form of AI, it should have the following properties:
    • Making decisions, using strategies, solving puzzles and acting in the face of uncertainty;
    • Knowledge representation, including a general view of reality;
    • Planning;
    • Training;
    • Natural language communication;
    • And the combination of all these abilities to achieve common goals.
    • Consciousness: Being susceptible to the environment;
    • Self-awareness: To recognize oneself as a separate person, in particular, to understand one’s own thoughts;
    • Empathy: the ability to "feel";
    • Wisdom.

    Earlier, Andy Rubin had already expressed a similar opinion about the current “AI kingdom” in the mobile sphere. But now, it seems, this opinion has finally taken shape. He believes that in the future, AI (its uniform form) will support the work of all mobile devices in the world. At least those of them that are connected to a common network. In his opinion, a combination of quantum computing and a weak form of AI can generate a strong form of AI that will control everything. Now Rubin is engaged in both quantum computing (he is investing in one of the companies working on the introduction of this type of technology in conventional devices), and developments in the field of AI. Quantum computing, he said, should lead to an exponential growth of the computing power of computer systems.

    And this is one of the factors for the formation of a strong AI. At the same time, artificial intelligence, according to Rubin, should not only possess consciousness, but also be able to study the environment, interact with various objects. This can be done using robots equipped with various sensors. Such robotic systems will study the surrounding space, interact with it and self-learn. There should be thousands of such devices, and all of them will measure, read information, transmit text, images, sounds, weather data, geo-information tags and everything else to the “center”. Such devices can be assembled now, technologies allow it. But before creating a strong form of AI is still far away. Such an AI, according to the expert, will appear, perhaps in hundreds of years. In his opinion, now you do not need to be afraid of the appearance of Skynet.

    As for AI, he, according to Andy, will control not only smartphones. Artificial intelligence will be responsible for the operation of any connected system, including smart cars, televisions, security systems, and more.

    Not long ago, Rubin founded the company Playground Global, which, at first glance, combines the features of a business incubator and consulting firm. But in fact, this company works differently. She not only invests money and advises, but also provides a fairly large staff of professional technologists who can help solve almost any technical problem. The company provides the author of the idea with the basic elements of hardware and software, and the author may not focus on the details, but on his own concept. A peculiar modular principle that can work in a business environment. Basically, the company works with those entrepreneurs who are planning to create a “smart” device or platform. And all this, again, is part of one grand plan - the creation of a strong form of AI. As mentioned above, not now,

    Rubin is convinced that the appearance of Skynet can not be afraid - everything that is done in the field of AI now, all the better. True, many outstanding minds of our time - Hawking, Musk, Bostrom and others disagree with him. Who is right and who is not? Will judge the future. But the era of AI is clearly getting closer and closer.

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