Best of the PHP World 2014 + Competition from JetBrains! PHP Digest No. 53

    Following the tradition, we decided to take stock of the outgoing year and highlight the most significant events in the world of PHP, which, fortunately, were many. And of course, a selection with links to fresh material over the past three weeks.

    Under the cut you will also find a competition with prizes from the company JetBrains ! In fun betting last year won chris_griffin with the assumption:

    Php will become the official language in India.

    Fortunately, this did not happen, but the steppefox forecast , which took third place, was largely close to reality:
    1. The popularity of HHVM will increase.
    2. In the spring beta Yii2 will be released, a stable release in late autumn
    3. In the Russian Federation they will make their own small Laracon 2014
    4. Several dozens of failed articles in the spirit of “Your PHP is not very” or “my favorite language” vs PHP will appear on Habré.
    5. Translate into a Russian book on Laravel.
    6. A book on Phalcon will be released
    7. Another framework will try to break into the PHP scene
    8. The rules of Zend certification will
    change 9. Finally, elephants can be ordered humanly

    Of course, the most important event of the year was the release of a new major version of the interpreter - PHP 5.6. The release introduced many new features: scalar expressions in constants , functions with a variable number of arguments , exponentiation operator ** , import of functions and constants from namespaces , the built-in debugger phpdbg , operator overloading for GMP objects and other extensions .
    A pleasant surprise was the project, code-named PHPNG, the next-generation PHP interpreter. And it all started with the message of Dmitry Stogov in php.internalsand the corresponding branch in the repository. A lot of work has been done to optimize the Zend Engine. The branch was poured into master and became the basis of the next version of the interpreter. PHPNG performance already exceeds PHP 5.6 and catches up with HHVM.
    Also, based on the results of heated discussion and voting, it was decided to release this very next version under number 7 and according to the plan, the release should take place already in the coming year.
    The outgoing year also pleased the emergence of a formal specification of the PHP language .
    Best of luck to the PHP Group in 2015!

    The Yii 2.0 release - an event that many have been waiting for so long, finally took place this year! First, the beta release , and then the release candidate that followed, andGA . Excellent documentation and guidance , as well as affordable books ( Yii 2 For Beginners , Web Application Development With Yii 2 And PHP ) will help you quickly get started with the framework.

    The most popular PHP framework this year was indicated by releases 2.5, 2.6. The Symfony project is 9 years old , and more and more universal solutions are being created on the basis of the framework . Not to mention the widespread use of Symfony-components and the creation of their own frameworks based on them .

    Facebook's alternative PHP virtual machine continues to evolve, release 3.0.0 introduced. Some large projects are switching to using HHVM - this is Wikipedia and, for example, Box . However, the announcement of the HACK language built into HHVM was really interesting . The language is an improved PHP with such desirable features as static typing, lambda expressions, generics, asynchrony, and others.
    Among other alternative PHP implementations that appeared in 2014, I would like to mention KPHP , PH7 , HippyVM , JPHP , Recki-CT .

    The triumphal procession of the dependency manager for PHP continued in 2014. PEAR is finally dead, PHPUnit abandoned channel support, Twig , Swiftmailer , Symfony and others. Engine Yard has provided a grant of $ 15k per year to support Composer , represented by one of the authors, Nils Adermann. Another author, Jordi Boggiano, has been developing a commercial Toran Proxy to support Composer. We wish them good luck in the new year!

    The official PHP mascot, ElePHPant elephant , was created by Vincent Pontier in 2007. But in 2014, he experienced a new boom. First, the guys from php [architect] launched a Kickstarter campaign.with the goal of raising $ 1000 to create orange PHP elephants. In less than a day they managed to raise more than $ 20,000! Then the PHPWomen community successfully ran a purple elephant campaign - $ 26,395. And at the end of the year, the campaign with black elephants from AmsterdamPHP .
    More flowers, more elephants in the new year!

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    New Year's contest

    PHP-Digest together with JetBrains in the last digest of the outgoing 2014 announce a competition among regular readers.
    We invite you to identify the best worker in the PHP community in 2014. In the comment write the name of the most worthy candidate and explain for what contribution in the past year it can be considered the best.
    The authors of the three comments with the most votes will receive excellent New Year's gifts. The company JetBrains all three award winners personal license PhpStorm the IDE ! Each winner will also receive a T-shirt with the PHP logo from the #ITStuff online store .
    But the most important thing is the nominee who will gain the most pluses, along with the title "Person of the Year according to the PHP Digest" will be sent to the same PHP group: The results will be announced on December 26 at 19:00 Moscow time. Let's remember together who was the best of 2014?

    Competition Results

    So, according to the results of the vote, Dmitry Stogov receives the title "Man of the Year 2014 according to the PHP-Digest" and we will send Dmitry a PHP mug!

    Among the readers we have three winners! Merkushin
    takes the first place and receives a personal license for PHPStorm from JetBrains , as well as a T-shirt with the PHP logo from the #ITStuff store .
    Dmitry Stogov with PHPNG, of course!

    The second, according to the results of the vote, was hell0w0rd , who nominated Nikita Popov. And also receives a license for PHPStorm and a T-shirt.
    Nikita Popov, with his router, AST, contribution to php - traits, generators, version 7 (AST, arguments inside the kernel, a bunch of refactoring along with Dmitry Stogov).

    The third rated nominee was Fabien Potencier. Comment author nazarpc is awarded a PHPStorm license and t-shirt.
    Fabien Potencier
    Symfony2 is already like WordPress among CMS, and even gets into CMS / CMF (Symfony CMF, Drupal 8).

    Many thanks to all participants, as well as to JetBrains and #ITStuff for the gifts!
    Unlimited thanks to all the members of the PHP community for your work and contribution to our common cause!
    Happy New Year to all! May this year be more productive, rich and interesting for you!

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