History of 6 years of driver installation

    Hello, Habrahabr!

    This is our first post on the resource, so please do not judge strictly and listen to the story we want to tell.

    Back in 2008, the creator of DriverPack, Arthur Kuzyakov, trying to reduce the time he worked with a computer at Computer Assistance, which installs operating systems, sets up and maintains computers, wrote the first version of the program.

    The reasons why he took it are prosaic: for people who are faced with large sizes of computer parks, that is, for system administrators, setup wizards, and everyone else involved; A huge amount of time is spent on installing and updating drivers. A time comparable to installing the operating system itself.

    Although the OS installation is automated, and the programs can be installed remotely or as a package, there was simply no way to automatically scan the equipment and install the necessary drivers from a large archive (not knowing which specific hardware you would encounter).

    And I wanted to have a universal tool that can be worn on a disk or flash drive to automate this task.

    That is why the first versions of the program weighed several gigabytes, and distributed (full versions are still distributed) on DVD-ROMs and through torrent trackers. Since the product is free, we are happy about this.

    We continue: Arthur, on the one hand, ensured the popularity of his program at first without any advertising, and on the other, provoked the appearance of a number of competitors who distributed his work for the money that they appropriated to themselves.

    In 2009, after the first million installations, the program website was created , a logo was drawn and the community began to develop. Most users preferred the original and free product to numerous clones.

    Anyone will say - distributing this on a physical medium is pointless.
    But paradoxically, the first 1300 DVDs that Arthur suggested users buy at 300 rubles for delivery scattered in less than 1 month. Our reality, in which there is more distance from Moscow to Vladivostok than to New York, there are places where traffic was so expensive that DriverPack turned out to be a lifeline for many specialists.

    Then it became clear that the program is relevant for ordinary users.
    A curious fact: after the release of Windows Vista, many manufacturers of equipment for computers and laptops, primarily OEMs, stopped uploading and updating versions of drivers for Windows XP on their websites. This was the starting point for DriverPack.

    In 2010, having already 10,000,000 installations of the program, an English-language website was created, and the program itself was translated into 15 languages.
    Since 2011, DriverPack has already become the core of the ecosystem of services, which we will cover in future publications.

    A little later, the following happened:

    Since Arthur was initially looking for not an investor, but a mentor, a whole line of people formed for him who wanted to get a share by giving only money, but not suggesting ways to develop a product that has already been transformed into a company with several employees.

    I had to persuade my father, a radio engineer by education, to head his company Computer Assistance, with which it all began, in order to give all his energy and time to DriverPack.

    Finally, another breakthrough moment was the catalog of laptops, and drivers for them, organized automatically.
    Since the program is scanned by the standard Microsoft process, and sends this data to the server for selecting drivers, Arthur initially had the opportunity to collect anonymous statistics about the equipment installed in any laptop model. It only remained to put this together and provide the user in a convenient form, which was done.

    Having the need to somehow increase his own profit, the creator did not introduce advertising into applications, but tried to find partners in the Russian market. Yandex, whose representatives called themselves after a post on Habr, became one of the first. Therefore, for DriverPack, this place is certainly special.

    Today, each release is sent to Kaspersky Lab, where it is checked, so our users can be sure that the program is safe. Well, to what are our successes today, we will devote our next post.

    Have you used DriverPack? Your opinion is important to us.

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