Both IT and IP: we tell where small business to take money for development

    Do you have your own business? Then we want you to know: until January 27, 2015 you can take part in the contest “ I am a Businessman ” and with my own brain and creativity win various useful things and 300,000 or 200,000. Rubles, not dollars, but also good in in light of the current economic situation.

    Why do we want to talk about the competition here? At a minimum, IT people are people with brains. Anyone who was able to launch his IT startup and put into practice the idea will be able to tell interestingly about his business.
    This is exactly what is required - to shoot a movie about your business using any technique. The main thing is to keep within 3 minutes, and the business owner to at least once appear in the frame.

    The competition is held for the third year in a row. Two previous times, the finalists were determined by the number of votes cast in online voting. This time we decided to give more chances to those who deleted their accounts on social networks (accidentally or intentionally) or simply not a fan of crowdsourcing. Winners in the main categories will be determined in different ways:
    • if you have an interesting idea, you can count on 300,000 rubles in the nomination “Jury Choice”. It’s impossible to predict which video experts will choose and by what criteria. They can encourage both the idea of ​​business and the creativity of the author when creating a video.
    • know how to get people to vote for your video? Fight for 200,000 rubles in the "Internet Voting" nomination. Friends, friends of friends, advertising on social networks - all honest ways are good. But cheaters will be punished.

    What else?

    • One of the partners of the competition, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund, will choose the winner of its nomination among IT companies and invite them to the starting training program.
    • One of the contestants will receive a certificate for 300,000 rubles from the Entrepreneurship Community “Business Youth” for training programs.
    • All videos will remain on the site of the project "I am a businessman." Your video will be watched not only by your friends and partners, but also by experts, young businessmen from all over Russia, and potential clients. This is a real opportunity to expand your business, find customers, franchisees, partners, or just practical advice.
    • In addition to the winners, there will also be finalists and winners of special nominations - all of them, too, will not remain without prizes.

    If you are looking for ideas where to get money for business development and what to do in the New Year holidays, this information should be enough for consideration.

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