Practical example of code reuse, how to improve quality and speed up development

    We spread the report of the mobile architect of TCS Bank Dmitry Tarasova “A practical example of code reuse. How to improve quality and speed up development ”from the #MBLTDev Mobile Developers Conference , which was held in late October.


    In development, a situation may arise when you have several applications with common logic and interface behavior. Dmitry Tarasov talks about the way in which the development of a mobile bank and a TCS wallet for Android developed. A frank story about the consequences of low-tech solutions in the style of copy-paste common code from application to application. The next step is a shared library. How to arrange it? In the form of jar? Having drawn up how to pull it into projects? Grandle or subtree / submodule? What to do with the uneven development of library consumers? Solve this issue by building branching rules? How to enter this into the standard bundle bug tracker - code review - CI (in the case of TCS Jira + Stash + TeamCity)? What happens if two more are added to the original two applications, and the latter has a different backend? Watch the video of the speech.

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