We are playing 5 LXBOX's!

    Good Thursday and favorable exchange rate fluctuations!

    Almost a year ago we came to Habr with, one might say, a startup. They wrote about our mini-PCs in the spring at the start of sales. Now these glands are slowly dispersed to distribution networks and regions. Not everything is smooth, of course, but we are moving forward and have added a lot of useful features to the LXBOX in recent months. There was not enough time for full blogging. But time, like the ruble exchange rate, does not stand still. In the following publications, we will share with you the features of the thorny path in the mini-PC market and useful videos with how-to for Linux Mint and specifically LXBOX. By the way, 118 people bought LXBOX from Habr, the majority - on a special project. The comeback preamble is over. To the point!


    On New Year's Eve, we announced an action in which we are playing 5 cars + 1 for the author of the repost among the members of our VK group . When we approved the contest, it was a simple campaign to attract customers. Now it turns out that he is smoothly moving into the New Year's sale at the old rate, because after the end of the competition (from December 26), prices will be raised by 3-4 thousand rubles due to perturbation in the currency market.

    How to participate?

    Come to konkurs.lxbox.ru , watch our videos, answer questions. At the time of writing this post, 184 applications have been submitted for the week. So, if we take the current price for LXBOX 3 for 14,900 rubles, then the expectation of participation is 405 rubles. Let it fall over this weekend, but still the game is worth the candle.

    Go for it!

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