More features with the new version of DevExpress 14.2 products

    The end of the year is nearing, which means that the time has come to present the next version of the products from DevExpress . In this release 14.2, we tried to include many interesting and useful features for our users. Since it’s hard to describe all the improvements and innovations within the framework of one article, you can see them here , and under the cut, we will consider only a few of them. For those who do not want to read for a long time, here is this short video:

    Let's see what new features have appeared in our products.


    Rating Control and TimeSpan Editor are two new components introduced for WinForms. The first serves to evaluate something by end users, and the second - to more conveniently set the time interval up to seconds.

    The Data Grid component is now able to display data not only in the form of cards, but also in the form of a TileView , which is very useful for a more interesting and visual presentation of information.

    In the Spreadsheet ComponentThis release has many new features, including filtering data using an automatic filter, grouping data and displaying general information for these groups, as well as analyzing data using new features such as LINEST, LOGEST, TREND and others. The capabilities of such a tool as the Data Source Wizard have expanded significantly , namely the ability to add three types of Data Source in runtime, an improved parameter panel for filtering the report.

    The Layout Control component now supports adaptive mode , that is, elements always efficiently use free space.


    WinForms Data Grid and WPF Data Grid components in this release include a new simple way to manage conditional formatting rules - a special designer that allows you to create new rules and edit existing ones.

    Added the function of combining neighboring cells in rows and columns. Columns can also be filtered by time using the convenient Date-Time Column Filter tool .

    Now for convenient text formatting, along with the existing Popup Menu, you can use our new Radial Menu component .

    In this release, new chart types and adaptive mode when changing the size of the chart are added to the existing chart capabilities. In componentMap Conrol added various modes of building a map using new projections ( Spherical Mercator , Equal Area , Elliptical Mercator and others). Map Preview makes it easy to evaluate the picture on the map as a whole.

    ASP.NET WebForms + MVC

    The new Rich Text Editor (in the preview version) has a wide range of tools and options for formatting. It has a convenient user interface, which includes Ribbon , Context Menu , Dialogs , Horizontal Ruler components , as well as support for various document formats (docx, rtf, txt, xml, odt, epub, mht, doc).

    The Spreadsheet component in this release has been supplemented with support for protected elements inside the document, which will allow creating forms where the end user can fill out only cells that are editable, without the risk of unwanted changes to the form.

    The component has become much more functional due to features such as printing with page settings and searching in a document by values ​​and formulas, as well as thanks to new options and types of graphs.

    To simplify the user’s perception of grouped data, GridView has the ability to capture aggregated rows during vertical scrolling. An external quick search line was also added for all columns with convenient highlighting of the results.


    Tools for filtering data in the Dashboard were replenished with components such as ComboBox , TreeView , RadioGroup and others.

    This release has undergone significant changes in working with colors for data . Now, for each data type, its own specific color is automatically assigned, which can be easily customized.

    Improvements in the API and settings of the table columns will make it more convenient to work with the Dashboard, and the adaptive mode for resizing blocks will allow you to most effectively place information on the screen.

    eXpressApp Framework (XAF)

    Individual end-user settings are now stored in the database “out of the box”. This means that they are not lost when working on different devices, are protected from unauthorized changes, and administrators can centrally manage (for example, you can copy settings between users or set global settings for the application).

    This release includes new form templates for WinForms, which give you the flexibility to customize Ribbon in a specially adapted XAF designer.

    The performance of the Data Grid component in web applications has improved significantly due to the easier markup in the list view mode, as well as thanks to the updated image editor .

    Support for ASP.NET Report Designer will allow end users of applications using the Reports module to create and edit reports in a browser.


    A large number of changes have occurred in this release and in CodeRush. These are various improvements to the tools for editing and refactoring code, as well as improvements to the Intellisence mechanism - IntelliRush , which is more intuitive and convenient than the current implementation of this mechanism.

    Also included are many improvements to tools for working with code, refactoring, debug visualization, and many others.

    DevExtreme & HTML5

    A large number of new widgets are presented in this release in DevExtreme ( TreeView , Accordion , Polar Chart and others).

    Significant improvements have also been made to existing components, for example, the Data Grid has added features such as calculating total values ​​for groups, a new data filtering mode, and support for the master-detail interface.

    Added support for iOS 8 and Android 5 both in the supplied themes and in the tools provided by Visual Studio. There was also the opportunity to build a custom application template in Visual Studio using the PhoneGap Build online service .

    Appeared in this releaseData validation engine with a powerful API that allows you to quickly and easily configure the verification of incoming data.

    Test cafe

    Soon, a new version of TestCafe will be released, containing various useful innovations . So, for example, the Recorder for tests was replenished with the ability to add and edit test assertions, delete certain steps or groups of steps, overwrite and modify test steps.

    Also added support for cross-browser file downloads, as well as crash test if there are errors in the script itself.

    Here we examined only the “tip of the iceberg”, and a complete list of innovations can be found here . You can judge for yourself how everything turned out in this release yourself, and we are happy to answer all your questions in the comments to the article.

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