New Year's Eve: once again about goal-setting

    The end of the calendar year is a traditional time for stopping, looking around. The time to take stock and think about plans for the future is for those who generally have a penchant for doing this. In an attempt to give our plans a concrete look and greater realism, many of us resort to setting our own goals for the next year. I have been doing this for several years, for myself and other people. There are things that contribute to the success of goal setting (+), and things that can nullify the whole point of this exercise (-). I want to share some observations on this subject. I hope some of them come in handy for you too. So.

    Instead of entry.

    Time is the only irreplaceable resource. Even strength, even attention, not to mention money - everything can theoretically be replenished. And time flows exclusively in one direction. Each hour. Seriously. If you think that you have 30 active years left, this is only 175 thousand hours of wakefulness. Of these, you need to eat, wash, work, move in space, get the flu, chat on the phone, listen to other people's complaints, and so on and so forth. Each fateful action and each petty nonsense, on equal terms, slurp invaluable minutes from exactly this reserve. It’s like football, where “dirty” time is considered. Therefore, it would be nice to spend it on what is of value to us.

    1. Why goals?

    (+) Why are we formulating goals, and even setting ourselves deadlines for their implementation? There are two good reasons for this. First: we want to figure out what we really want. Second: with the help of some goal setting and tracking techniques, we want to increase our chances of achieving them (by increasing motivation, focus, self-discipline, etc.). Both that, and another it is fine, and in a good hour.

    (-) But! Do not resort to goal setting if you feel that planning replaces real activities. Or that you are led to this guilt by the fact that time passes, and you do nothing and do not advance anywhere, the fear that you are probably missing something important. Believe me, it’s better not to do anything than to do anything.

    2. The result process

    (-) It is generally accepted that, when formulating a goal, it is necessary to determine the specific desired result. In the SMART abbreviation abbreviation, the very first letter (Specific) means a requirement for specificity. But! Do not forget that this “counting” was invented by managers in order to evaluate the actions of OTHER people! In the corporate world, this is often a bare convention (such as increasing sales not by 13, and not by 17.3, but by exactly 15%!).

    In addition, the excessive orientation to return, to the result, the eternal glance at the clock, the eternal feeding of internal greed often does not allow revealing a real fruitful working passion. It’s like every hour to calculate how much money you have earned based on your salary divided by the number of working hours in a month. Without the joy of the process, without diving into its logic and its reality, it is impossible to live (remember Ivan Denisovich laying bricks!).

    (+) For your own aspirations, process goals rather than resultant ones are often much better suited. For example, do not “lose 10 kg”, but “run 5 km four times a week and do not eat after 19.00.” And if you do so, then this is an undoubted success, even if in the end you lost only 8. You can really control only your actions (what you give), and not their result (what you get )

    3. Scale

    (+) Decide for yourself the appropriate scale of goals.

    (-) One side. A goal is not a dream. The target has a closer horizon. The goal is attractive in that it is achievable, and mobilizes by its proximity. Many talented people noticed: what their life led to is the best thing they could dream of. But daily, with tremendous dedication, the work proceeded at the level of concrete, final steps. Having a dream is fine, but the goal is a more “operational" entity. The goal of “becoming a millionaire”, if now you grab money every month to earn a salary - nothing more than idle day-dreaming, fruitless manilism, or, as my friend aptly put it, catching clouds with your pants. It will not move you to any action.

    (-) On the other hand. The goal is a landmark quite large. Do not fade, do not write down absolutely passage points. The list of goals is not a shopping list in a grocery store, not something you can just pick up and do. There should not be too many of them. But on the other hand, each goal should have a specific element of a challenge, designed to at least slightly, but change (your) life for the better.

    4. What to want?

    (-) We often tend to strive for something by inertia. Mindlessly transfer to the next year goals that were not achieved in the previous one. Want what our mother would be glad about. Or grandmother. Or, on the contrary, how could she (mom) be annoyed by showing independence. Or compensate for what was missing in the past (as in the joke about the bike and Bentley). Or how you can wipe your nose with your friends. Or something that has long been accustomed to be considered desirable. Or something that people around want. Or something that, on the contrary, sets us apart from others (faster, higher, stronger!). All this is rubbish, loss of time and energy, running on the spot, a lost war. Throw this empty activity immediately!

    (+) Set a goal - YOURSELF! Not what you need "for something", but what is of value in itself. Do not set the goal of making a million if you need one to feel safe. Instead, set the goal directly to "achieve a sense of security." The path to it (sensation) can lie not through a million, or a billion, but through something very, very different. Do not set the target for an expensive car (apartment, house, yacht, plane) if you think that others will respect you more. Instead, set the goal to "earn the respect of others", and even better - "figure out why the respect of strangers is so necessary for me that I am ready to work hard for my whole life." You will be surprised how deceitful are intermediate, non-final goals!

    5. Correction

    (-) Everything in life is changing. He is our mood before the national currency. From marital status to health status. Such a given. And to match this reality, our goals can and must change. Do not cling to goals that are no longer relevant! This is not a manifestation of integrity and strength of character, but simple obstinacy and fear of admitting your mistake. Not a minute choke on what you have already eaten! Do not continue the wrong!

    (+) Ruthlessly extinct from the list a goal whose achievement is no longer of value to you. Free your resource of time, energy and attention for the new, relevant, what really defines your life now.

    6. Areas of goal setting

    (-) Now they say a lot about the fact that goals fill with energy one or another sphere of our life. And where we do not want anything and do not strive for anything, there will be no life, there will be no movement. Therefore, let us define our social roles - pieces of 5 or 10 - and in each role we will outline 3-5 goals. Thus, we will hold the entire front of our lives, and no sphere will sag. And harmony, balance, balance will reign in our life, which, as you know, is the most important factor in happiness.

    However, in reality, the extortion of goals where they do not exist, where attention does not flow, and you don’t want to spend time and energy on anything, does not fill these areas of life. It is impossible to engage in a long and fruitful thing for which there is no internal impulse. This turns into a painful obligation, and there is no discipline that will ensure success along this path.

    (+) On the other hand, if it is “rushing” in a certain direction, then it is necessary to concentrate on it, without spraying on the fact that “it would be necessary, but reluctance”. Do not worry, the excitement in this area will not accompany you forever! The wind of your preferences will change ten more times. And there will be time to scatter, and collect, and hug, and evade, etc., etc. In the meantime - strive with all your might for what is inspiration right now!

    Like for now. Thank you and good luck in the New Year!

    - In commonwealth with amikityuk

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