New Year promotion from Payler and Polonium Arts

    Dear friends!
    On the eve of the New Year, Payler, together with Polonium Arts , a company specializing in the development of mobile applications, decided to hold a small campaign. If you have an online store and more than 10 million rubles through bank cards pass through it, then when you connect to Payler, on favorable terms, you will receive a mobile application as a gift.

    If your turnover is less than the specified amount, we will still help you (at least with advice) to develop an application within your budget.

    Recall that Polonium Artsspecializes in the design, design, development and testing of applications for mobile devices. Over 4 years of work, more than 50 projects have been successfully implemented. Today, the company is developing products for giants such as Yulmart, Svyaznoy, GK Arkady Novikov and other equally well-known brands.

    If you are interested in the terms of the Promotion, write to | or specify details by phone +7 (985) 991-07-97.
    In addition, just as in the picture for the post, you can send an SMS with the number 1 to the indicated number, and we will call you back and tell you everything in detail.

    And if you are not interested in our promotion, then perhaps it will be interesting to your friends. So feel free to ask questions and participate in the survey.

    Thanks for attention!
    Payler & Polonium Arts Team

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Who needs mobile apps?

    • 71.4% to large businesses 5
    • 100% Medium Business 7
    • 28.5% to small businesses 2
    • 71.4% Startups that build their business on this 5
    • 57.1% For all enterprises that are already earning and the application will help increase sales 4
    • 28.5% For enterprises that do not earn, but think that with a mobile application the situation will change 2
    • 57.1% To everyone who sells over the Internet. Believe in increased conversions 4
    • 0% I see no reason to develop mobile applications 0
    • 0% None of the listed normal answer to this question 0

    Can I make money on mobile applications?

    • 50% Yes, many build on this business 4
    • 37.5% Not always, it all depends not on mobile applications, but on service / product, team, marketing and other factors 3
    • 12.5% What are you talking about, no, of course - now there is a crisis in the country, the dollar exchange rate is above 55 rubles, which mobile applications ... 1
    • 0% None of the listed normal answer to this question 0

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