ASUS ESC4000 G2S - the most efficient supercomputer in the world

Everyone is well aware of the TOP500 ranking , in which all the most powerful supercomputers are ordered by their processing power. But in order to determine the perfection of any computing system, they are guided not only by a single indicator. Take, for example, a car, because you will not evaluate it by taking only the maximum speed indicator, of course, fuel consumption per kilometers traveled will be taken into account. For supercomputers, there is another Green500 rating .

When compiling the Green500 rating, these basic criteria for evaluating a supercomputer are taken into account:
  • performance
  • power consumption
  • the ratio of computing power to the amount of energy consumed (flops per watt of consumed electricity)

In the November list of Green500 results, the ASUS ESC4000 G2S supercomputer at the Helmholtz Center for the Study of Heavy Ions, located in Darmstadt , was named the most effective . GSI Center conducts research using heavy ion accelerators. Their L-CSC cluster reaches 5.27 gigaflops per watt (billions of operations per second per watt). In the list of the most powerful supercomputers of the month TOP500, he took 168th place. For comparison, MilkyWay-2 with 1.9 gigaflops per watt takes the first place in the TOP500 rating for the fourth time in a row.

L-CSC cluster equipped with 160 ASUS ESC4000 G2S supercomputer servers based on AMD FirePro S9150 GPUs , an array of 112 Intel Xeon E5-2690 v2 processorsand 896th 1.35v DDR3-1600 memory modules of 16 GB each, showed such an impressive result of 5.27 gigaflops per watt. If we take the energy efficiency indicators of the machine, which won first place in the previous Green500 ranking in June 2014, then the L-CSC cluster exceeds its “predecessor” by 20%.

“Partnership with AMD to create a research supercomputer at GSI has taken our company to a new level. We are proud that, as part of the project, we can offer our customers solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency and productivity, ”said Tom Lin, Director General of Server Solutions at ASUS. “Thanks to the ASUS ESC4000 G2S servers and AMD FirePro graphics cards, the GSI supercomputer creates tremendous computing power for our research,” said Dr. Volker Linderstrut, professor at Goethe University of Frankfurt, GSI’s IT department and chairman of the board of directors at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, said thanks.

Let's hope that not so much time will pass and in such ratings supercomputers of our research institutes, as well as other institutions where there is a need for such computing power, will “light up”. In the meantime, we continue to monitor the world of "super cars" ...

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