The results of the summer internship 2018: they swept away five hundred lavash of shawarma. And survived

    "We will be torn to hell!" - so we thought in the spring. The snow has not yet descended (and not even turned yellow), and the number of applications for internship was approaching half a time. We had to re-plan everything. Workplaces. Internship program. Distribute curators. But the first thing to decide how much and to whom. And when.

    When ... Everything is like conspiring and asking for July. It is understandable - the session is over, the month's setting, the month's rest, and there it will be already visible. Only as an evil, the majority of potential internship curators, too, asked for a vacation at this time. Well, that's fine. Break through. Not small.

    We meet with everyone. Everyone - simple questions: what can you do, what do you want to learn on the basis of the internship (goal?). Have you ever been trained before (at least in McDonalds “Free Cash Desk!”). Is it far to get? Problem logic. Look in the eyes, evaluate whether we work together, if we get together, can we be useful to each other. A few days of 4 hours of conversations, interviews, simple questions. Honestly, we take, unfortunately, not all. Hardly knock down the internship schedule. Grab a piece of spring and a piece of autumn. We send letters of happiness to the lucky ones. And letters of excuse for everyone else. About two thirds are excuses.

    Farther? Continue to assemble the internship curators together. Discuss goals and objectives. There are a lot of us, we can hardly get into the conversation. Stuffy. Word for word, half of the program had to be redone. Spores are hot. But everything seems to be the case. The basic attitude: not just to teach the guys something, but also to get pleasure from the process. Do not zadrachivaem, but do not let down the jambs with it. This is understandable.

    We organize jobs. Buy more iron. In the summer, power supply units traditionally burn, so we reserve it. All is ready. You can start.

    What is the difference

    Internship internship strife, and our interns feel it for themselves. Usually in companies, students are given some kind of vague task, a mentor (if they are lucky) and then they write a typical review downloaded from the Internet in the practice diary. Skills zero, but for the dean's office will go.

    And after graduating from the university, the student relaxes with reality: there is no real experience, and such formal replies of practitioners give nothing. Rvi diploma roll-ups. Serious companies need skills and practice. Or at least straight arms. In Sibiriks they are straightened.

    Internship goals as we saw it

    1. Show work in IT from the inside: how the process is organized and what stages it includes.
    2. To give a practical basis that a student is unlikely to receive at a university: an opportunity to try himself in familiar spheres and learn new ones.
    3. Teach yourself to think, search and correct mistakes.
    4. Do we go further? No problem! Rushed!

    Internship 2018: What's Unusual

    First, geography: we focused on Barnaul and its environs, perhaps - Biysk, Rubtsovsk. But one of the girls flew to us specifically from Kazan - she wanted so much to get an internship in Siberiks. Ypte! Yes, you are welcome!

    Secondly, shawarma for lunch :) She was a surprise for some guys who were not aware of all the conditions of practice in the studio when they applied. For us, however, a surprise was the excursion to the Grilnitsa kitchen - if it were not for the internship, we would hardly have gained such experience.

    Thirdly. Again, this shawarma! This was my personal managerial miscalculation. For I use this wonderful dish to cheat-mill, and then maybe once a month. Well, what, pray tell, can be tastier than sharpen a large, naughty portion? It was not there. After 3 weeks, the guys began to walk with sad, lean mines. “EATING HER CAN'T BE ALREADY ALREADY! FROM EARS CLIMBING! I DIRECTED 2 KG ”- opinion polls showed about this picture. It was necessary to reshape the management contour of shawarma submission. Organized a system for ordering various dishes. Though soup take. And things got better.

    As a result, we have formed a laptop, from which it is possible for everyone (not only trainees, but also studio employees) to order their snacks for lunch. We love to solve problems - systematically, yes?

    About the process

    For 5 years of internship, we have formed a program that is convenient for both interns and mentors: the material is divided into modules, each is followed by a practical task. The program was reshuffled every year, throwing out old stuff, inserting a new one. In general, for programmers - it turned out sweetie!

    Project managers

    This year there were two of them, and they have traveled a difficult path, but thanks to our project management course, the process went smoothly and consistently. At first, the curators introduced students to the course, checked assignments and talked about the work in the studio and the processes. After the introductory part, practical tasks began: checks on the finished work of the performers, stand-stands, internal design demonstrations. The elect were allowed to attend Skype call calls with clients and even prepare and conduct part of the presentation under the guidance of a mentor. There were only two such cases, and I hope we didn’t sleep :)

    Kristina, project manager :
    “I was lucky with an intern, a very smart one came. Yegor performed the tasks well, asked the right questions and understood what was required of him. It's nice when a person with a good set of basic qualities and knowledge gets back on track, and he succeeds. There were no problems with taste and exactingness for myself, we did a good job with the negotiations, and at the thesis work I saw how he grew up and showed almost all the skills in half an hour.

    For me it was the first experience of mentoring in project management, but the role of the curator is definitely mine :) Directing, teaching and pumping at the same time itself - can anything be better? :) "
    Marina, Project Manager:
    “These 4 weeks have been useful and productive not only for the interns, but also for us, the internship curators. It is pleasant to realize that the program successfully combines theory and practice and provides relevant and relevant knowledge in our field. It was very interesting to share experiences and secrets from the life of a manager, talk about projects and immerse the children in the atmosphere and real processes of the studio. Behind the month of intense, but exciting work. I can say with confidence that it was a rich and diverse experience that left only positive impressions. ”


    With trainee designers almost came out crap. Slender program, as it is with programmers and managers, I did not prepare. Hoped on the principle of "let's go, and then you will start." In the end, the practical tasks that the designer (in my understanding) should be able to solve for 3 days took 3 weeks. Oh, everything. It is clear that it was necessary to master the tool, and to think with your head and do things. See for yourself what happened:

    We rested and brought the concept to a finished state purely out of harm, although a completely different layout will go on production
    Eugene, art director:
    “The degree of preparation for the design internship is a very vague concept. Someone needs to explain the basics of the layout, and someone already knows how everything works. Difficulty is also in its own vision and some maximalism: students want to prove themselves by doing not in the way required to solve the problem, but trying to find their own solutions and chips (but experience so far does not allow it). Probably, such a search also takes place, because in the end we still achieved a result, even if it was not a bomb, to expect explosive creativity from novice specialists to be silly. ”
    Daria, designer:
    “It's nice when interns come well prepared - in my case, the student behind him already had a course on UX-design and the harsh practice of typographic layout in a university environment. During the internship, we managed to work on a voluminous internal project and mastered Axure. ”


    Interns in this area were the most. The curators were not easy: they had to plan their day differently in order to work out the main tasks and take the time for feedback.

    The program for young coders is divided into two blocks: there are tasks for the frontend and for the backend - the choice depends on the preferences and skills of the student. The first week - the theoretical part and a small oral test on the material mastered. The rest of the internship time is practice. We taught students to decompose large tasks, convert stages into working hours and form backlocks on their own. For each task from backlog, they received feedback. The result of the internship was to be a completed project - an application for playing sea battle.
    Eugene, the developer:
    “This year, 4 interns were assigned to me at once, so on the first day I“ broke off ”: out of 8 hours I spent only 1 tasks on my tasks. As a result of the internship, two guys stayed in the studio for a trial period, someone already managed to pass the Bitrix exam.

    For feedback, I developed my method. The students had two options: either I just answer their questions, or with examples and analogies I try to bring them to the right decision, but I do not answer the question. In the first case, the internship is of little use: in 99% of cases, having received an answer to a question, students still did not understand what they were doing. In the second approach, they themselves were looking for a solution, which means they will be able to repeat it repeatedly. Whether they finally managed to complete the task completely is the tenth thing, the main thing is that they understood the principle itself. ”
    Denis, developer:
    “With my intern, we did some of the backend tasks - apparently, not everyone finishes at least her :) With the frontend, it’s harder: it seemed better to concentrate on developing a conditional online store - this is closer to reality. The sea battle, which he eventually collected, is too specific in some places, and it’s very difficult to make a student without experience without experience. ”
    Alexander, developer:
    “Although I rarely do internships for students, compared to the previous thread, my trainee was more prepared. But still, the impression was that he knew a lot of things, read a lot of things, tried to use them, but did not understand why all this was needed and whether it was necessary in a particular case. What pleased us - we wrote down an almost working version of the sea battle, which upset - it seems that understanding of js did not come to us :) ”
    Alexey, developer:
    “The internship went smoothly, although my trainee was“ doubtful ”- it seems that by the end of the internship he himself understood that it was not him. Perhaps he was just not too interested in what he was doing. I like the role of the curator, I think that I am coping. The only thing - on the "release" of the intern fell ill :) "
    Andrei, the developer of the studio:
    “In general, the internship process is like a normal working day: there is a task, the intern does it, and you, as a mentor, prompt / control the process a couple of times a day. In my opinion, giving an opportunity to understand whether you want to develop in this area or not is an invaluable experience. From the strange in this thread, I remember the mega-strange questions from the trainees on abstract topics :) "
    Andrei, another studio developer :)
    “My student came with a good base: I already knew a light frontend, asked little, read manuals myself, understood, therefore I practically did not interfere in the process. During the internship, we were able to explore new methods of designing interfaces like vue.js, and as he left he even promised to create his own online store :) ”
    Sergey, developer:
    “It was my first such experience, and I was very worried about the first half of the internship. The level of the trainee naturally increased. Experiences were added by the fact that I had to improvise, in the course of changing the curriculum for a particular student. I think in the future we will be able to take into account these nuances. ”
    Alexey, developer:
    “My trainee was very independent - quite often they had to be led by guides on the handle, poking their nose at documentation and other obvious things. In my case there was no such thing - Mikhail received the task and solved it himself. I just had to check. If the implementation, in his opinion, turned out to be “not very” - asked me how to do better, more beautiful, more efficient, etc. This is another important quality, but not only for the intern, but for any programmer. ”

    About studio life

    The interns got acquainted with each other, made friends with employees and easily joined the team, participating in the studio's Friday activities. Someone visited holivarah, someone participated in designer battles .

    About trophies

    At the end of the course, we gave each intern a personal certificate of internship. Each - with personal kind words and wishes. Hopefully, stumbling an eye on this certificate, the guys will remember with a kind word the time when they were straightened, fed with shawarma and given Stepukha. Well, at least "Sibiriks - norm-office! Harsh but fair. In general, handsome! ”- will be just right :)

    Mad, fierce thanks to the curators, again! It's not about the letters of thanks, it's just that you are awesome, and we have done a great deal!

    Internship Reviews

    Perhaps the students themselves can tell about the internships themselves - we collected their feedback in an emotional and sincere video. Angoy!

    Do not fall into this set? Do not despair: read the literature , gain skills and come next year :)
    Eugene, the developer
    “Any trainee who wants to get to us must clearly understand that nobody will be talking with him here. He must be prepared for the fact that it will be hellishly difficult, will have to delve into, try, something will not work, something will have to independently master. This is not a school where the basics are taught - with minimal skills nothing to do here. Internship in the studio of the top 10 as BE hints that you yourself should at least minimally meet the requirements of the top studio. And of course, it should really want to work in this area, otherwise what is the point to come here? ”

    And last

    Managers of all sorts of different companies who thought: what did it cost us - I don’t even want to count. Exactly - it was not easy. But we in vests!

    All sides: if you really want to - you can write to us at any time of the year about your desire to experience internship experience. Even in the winter. We definitely won't take schoolchildren (sorry, we do not know how to work with children). Students or ex-students - quite to yourself, yes. I can not guarantee, but there is a chance. Successes!

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