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    Good time. At the end of October was a good post "Know how to say" no "and be able to say 'yes'" .
    We promptly requested electronic rights to the book from which the author of the post took ideas. The perfect programmer. How to Become a Software Development Professional Posted by R. Martin Prototype: The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers



    All programmers who succeed in the world of software development have one common characteristic: they care most about the quality of the software they create. This is the basis for them. Because they are professionals. In this book, legendary expert Robert Martin (better known in the community as “Uncle Bob”), author of the best-selling book “Clean Code” , talks about what it means to be a professional programmer, describing the methods, tools and practices for developing “perfect software”. The book is full of practical advice regarding all aspects of programming: from project evaluation and writing code to refactoring and testing. This book is more than a description of the methods; it is about a professional approach to the development process.

    From the author:

    Why did you choose this book? Probably because you are a programmer, and you are interested in the concept of professionalism. And rightly so! Professionalism is something that is so desperately lacking in our profession. I am also a programmer. I have been programming for 42 years and have seen a lot during this time. I was fired. I was extolled to heaven. I was the leader of the group, the boss, the ordinary employee and even the executive director. I worked with outstanding programmers, and I worked with slugs. I have been developing both the most advanced embedded software / hardware systems and corporate payroll systems. I programmed in COBOL, FORTRAN, BAL, PDP-8, PDP-11, C, C ++, Java, Ruby, Smalltalk and many other languages. I worked with mediocre freeloaders, and I worked with highly qualified professionals.

    On its pages I will try to determine what it is to be a professional programmer. I will describe the attributes and signs that, in my opinion, are inherent in true professionals.

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