Toaster. Enhanced tag subscription: receive instant email notifications of all new questions for any tag

    We introduce another way of delivering questions on the “Toaster” : using the “Enhanced Subscription” to tags. If you intensively subscribe to a tag, you will receive all new questions on this tag to your email. This subscription can be canceled at any time directly from the next notification letter.

    Such an enhanced subscription is very useful for narrowly specialized tags, for which there are few questions on the “Toaster”, however, this topic interests you very much, and you do not want to miss a single rare question about it.

    To intensely subscribe to a tag, you need to go to its page, subscribe to it, after which an additional button will appear to the right of the subscription button, by clicking on which you can put the necessary checkmark.

    Why do we introduce the “Enhanced Tag Subscription” feature

    On the “Toaster”, questioners and respondents communicate with each other through tags: upon publication, the question is attached to the tags and falls into the spotlight of those who are subscribed to these tags.

    So far, we have had two ways to deliver questions to those who can potentially answer it:
    • Through the “My feed” of the user, where the question falls along with other questions tied to the tags that the user is subscribed to.
    • Through a weekly email digest , if the question is interesting to anyone else, except the author, and will gain a sufficient number of subscribers.

    Obviously, both of these methods have their limitations. All questions about user tags fall into My Feed, and if the latter is subscribed to many active tags, some of the questions can easily be missed due to their large number. By the way, not all questions fall into the digest, but only the most popular ones - questions on narrowly special tags are unlikely to get here.

    The new delivery method is designed to remove both of these restrictions.

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