F # advent calendar in English for 2014

Original author: Sergey Tihon
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Our friends from Japan have a wonderful event called the F # Advent Calendar . Every day, from December 1 to December 31, one very good person volunteer writes a new article about F #. It's just a great Christmas celebration approach, isn't it?

Let us support this initiative and make an English version of such a calendar. Two blog articles a day are better than one, isn't it? We need 31 volunteers ready to prepare and publish an article on F # on the appointed day.


The rules are very simple.

  1. Choose the topic you are interested in F # from your list of articles and send it to my Twitter or leave me a message in the comments
  2. Prepare an article in English (about F # or about using F #)
  3. Publish your article on the appointed day (according to the calendar)
  4. Post a link to your article using Twitter with the hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent .

Changes: Event extended until December 31

Calendar link

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