Winter Changes to Authors Encouragement Program

    Hello! We decided to meet the beginning of winter with little good news for those who write publications on Habrahabr.

    From today we have changed the conditions for participation in the Program for the Encouragement of Authors (PAP).

    Previously, each of your publications in profile hubs, gaining +50 rating units, brought you 1000 rubles (+ 1 ruble for each rating point in excess of those +50 points).

    Starting today, every post (in specialized hubs) with a rating of +30 will participate in the Program for the Encouragement of Authors - it will already bring 1,500 rubles and 5 rubles for each rating point from above.

    Thank you for writing interesting publications!

    Other changes on Habrahabr:

    - The font size of publications has been increased;
    - Added support for inserting tweets with a tag :

    - Added support for inserting video from YouTube with a time stamp;
    - The user profile has been slightly revised: instead of the unclaimed “Subscribers” tab, now there are three more important tabs: publications, comments, and user favorites.

    - Other minor fixes.

    Good luck!

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