New free courses at the Microsoft Virtual Academy, December 2014


    In this review, we will talk about free courses of the Microsoft MVA virtual academy , which will be useful for both professional software and IT pro developers and beginners. Please note that the video player on the site for a number of courses that are created in English contains the ability to enable Russian subtitles.

    New! Introduction to Azure API Management

    This course introduces students to the new features of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform as an API Management management service. As part of the course, you will become familiar with the API management services, its capabilities for API developers and users.

    Hit! New! Basics of building a domain network. Part 2

    The course "Fundamentals of building a domain network. Part 2 ”is an introduction to user management tools in computer networks built on the basis of Microsoft operating systems. The course covers password policy settings, settings for granting access to files on a domain network, and settings for network printers. In the course, you will learn how to configure password requirements for users of your domain network, how to give different users different rights to access shared files, how to create a printer and provide access to it. Continuation, beginning in the first part of the course .

    Hit! Introduction to Azure Machine Learning

    If you are not a data researcher, but are interested in data mining and predictive analytics, and also want to know more than just about reporting in numbers, then check out this course on Azure Machine Learning (ML). ML is a cheap, easily accessible and powerful predictive analysis service offered by Microsoft.

    In this demo course, Buck Woody, Seayoung Rhee, and Scott Klein will show you the different paths you can use to effectively incorporate forecasting into your big data processing solutions and take you through best practices for analyzing trends and patterns. Learn how to extend Azure ML using the Azure ML API services and get acquainted with the methods and scenarios of monetizing your ML applications using the Azure Marketplace.

    Hit! Cross-platform development with Visual Studio

    Web developers, are you interested in using your skills to build cross-platform applications for major mobile platforms? In the course you will see how a team of experts shares their great experience in developing real applications, plus course guests will share with you how to quickly switch from the web to applications.

    From development tools to frameworks and runtimes. Learn what HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are capable of with the open source Apache Cordova project and integration with Visual Studio. Explore a variety of technologies, including Cordova, Coco Games, Babylon, js and others.

    New! How to inventory your environment on Windows Server 2003

    Now is the time to upgrade your legacy systems. Support for Windows Server 2003 is drawing to a close, so help with migration comes in handy. Expert Justin Preston will tell you about two tools that will help simplify the migration process. Many applications can be migrated to the cloud with Microsoft Azure. Use the tools to make the right decision.

    Deep dive. Deploying Remote Desktop Services in the Azure Cloud

    If you want to learn how to create secure, scalable and reliable desktop hosting solutions for small and medium-sized organizations with up to 1,500 users, pay attention to this course. Learn how to use Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Azure virtual machines to create multi-tenant hosting services for desktops and Windows applications.

    Beginners. English.  Introduction to Mobile Application Development

    Nothing motivates students more than building an app that they care about and that they can immediately see, use, and share. Get insights from Windows Platform Developer MVP Lance McCarthy, as he teaches students to build a mobile app using Windows App Studio and to then extend and enhance the app using Visual Studio.

    Students learn the basics of the app ecosystem and Software Development Lifecycle. They also learn about code modification and additional basic app coding skills, including the topics of variables, simple data types, conditional programming constructs, and simple library classes. This course addresses AP Computer Science learning requirements.

    Beginners. English. Last stop: Bringing your application to the

    Developers Store , if you're ready to cross the finish line and get your Windows Store apps to market, don't miss this opportunity! Learn about a new pilot program that combines a free technical review from Microsoft Premier Field Engineering (PFE) with credit toward your MCSD: Windows Store Apps certification. Sneak a peek into the app review process, get tips on design and implementation, and take a look at common pitfalls and blockers to getting apps into the Windows Store. Don't miss the last stop!

    Beginners. English. Introduction to jQuery

    Want to know what exactly jQuery is and why it's so wildly popular? Get answers, and watch an exciting day of jQuery goodness hosted by Jeremy Foster and Rachel Appel, who teach you what it is, why you need it, and how you use it. (Spoiler alert: jQuery makes your dev work significantly easier, and it's inherently reactive!)

    In this sixth Web Wednesdaysevent, learn about the history and contributors to jQuery, and explore lots of features. Find out how this JavaScript library makes DOM manipulation and event handling easier. Examine AJAX, asynchrony, and effects. Plus, get practical guidance on when to use jQuery and when to combine it with other libraries.

    Beginners. English. Visual Studio Online Basics

    New to visual studio online? Explore this set of services for developers, and learn how they can help you with your daily work or personal projects. Watch a series of 10-minute videos to get an overview of the Visual Studio Online services and how to work with them. Keep an eye on the Features Timeline, which lists updates made to Visual Studio Online and identifies the version of Team Foundation Server which includes them. We deploy new bits approximately every three weeks. Happy coding!

    English. Evaluate and Improve Your DevOps Capabilities

    Why DevOps, why now, and how can it help you? Build your resume and confidence by knowing how to answer these questions, which tools to use, and how to resource your projects. DevOps can mean the difference between being a leader in a market or a follower behind the competition.

    Watch industry experts, executives, and thought leaders, including Gene Kim of The Phoenix Project , as they take a deep dive into DevOps and how it can help streamline your workload and enable continuous delivery. Get practical tips you can implement immediately in your company, and gain an understanding of how a maturity model can transition your organization into a meaningful DevOps practice.

    English. Quick Test: Debugging Graphics Applications

    Now's your chance to get to know the DirectX graphics debugging tools in Visual Studio. Learn how to capture a frame from a game, and then see how that frame was rendered by stepping through the individual graphics events. Explore the shader, and look at the C ++ code that needs to be edited to make changes to the game.

    English. Quick Test: Data Sharing - XAML & openFrameworks

    If you'd like to find out how to bind XAML controls so that data is passed from one control to another, don't miss this hands-on lab. Then, build on this knowledge to learn how to implement a bindable class that allows you bind an openFramework object to a XAML control. Get the details in this Quick Start Challenge.

    English. Basic PKI implementation on Windows Server 2012 R2

    Do you know how to implement a public key infrastructure (PKI)? If not, this is your chance! A PKI is a set of hardware, software, people, policies, and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store, and revoke digital certificates. In this course, see demonstrations and walk-throughs of the requirements to deploy a PKI, hear how to install the required components, and explore management of the certificate environment.

    English. Windows Server 2012 R2: Active Directory Enhancements

    Interested in Active Directory enhancements within Windows Server 2012 R2? Join us for a detailed look. Explore the options for deploying domain controllers using the new Server Manager and using both the GUI and Windows PowerShell. Hear about the new Active Directory Management tool, and use its Windows PowerShell History Viewer.

    Building on the PowerShell theme, find out how to use PowerShell to automate day-day IT Professional tasks. Finally, see how to prepare and carry out domain controller cloning.

    Office 365 and Project Online course set:

    • Office 365 Support Corner: Get started with Project Online . Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. Check out this course on Project Online, the newest member of the Project family. Find out what this subscription service is and what it isn't, and learn what you need to know to get up and running with Project Online smoothly and quickly.
    • Office 365 Support Corner: Next Steps with Project Online . Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. If you have a new Project Online tenant, this is your opportunity to learn more about its capabilities and what you need to configure to deliver business value for your users. In this session, walk through the Project Management Office (PMO) level configuration necessary to support your business needs.
    • Office 365 Support Area: Manage Project Online . Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. Understanding the administration options for Project Online is key for a successful experience, both from the tenant administration within Office 365 and the Project Management Office (PMO) administration for your projects. In this course, get insight into what you have control over within the Office 365 Admin Center and the PMO administration within each Project Web App (PWA) site.

    English. A quick introduction to upgrading your data center

    With Windows Server 2003 reaching the end of support in less than a year, many IT Pros want to get ahead of the process. Explore modernization and datacenter transformation options, storage, networking, and the cloud, with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure. Find out what you need to update your datacenter to match your workloads.

    Watch as experts Matt Hester and Jennelle Crothers take a demo-rich look at administration tools, storage improvements, Hyper-V, and best practices for virtualizing domain controllers, plus how to simplify day-to-day server management with PowerShell and Desired State Configuration . Explore Microsoft Azure and how to make hybrid cloud a reality. And review the four major steps for planning a migration project.

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