Funny bugs

    Bugs - slang designation of an error in a system or program. Of course, a bug is bad. Searching for a bug is even worse. They can be both harmless (but annoying), and very catastrophic, the consequences of which can lead to financial losses, blackening of the reputation and even tragic cases.

    However, not all bugs are. There are those from which you would not begin to pull out bunches of hair on your head or break a computer monitor with improvised objects. They will rather make you laugh, or at least smile. It is about such bugs that will be discussed.

    Oh lucky

    May 1996 The most ordinary working morning of the most ordinary employee of a Chicago company. He decides to go to the bank in order to find out how much blood he has in his account. And there is only 900 million dollars! You can imagine his expression at that moment.

    The fact is that this person, along with other 825 clients of the First National Bank of Chicago, was the victim (if I may say so) of an error in the bank's system - a bug due to which all these people could call themselves billionaires during the day. Of course, no one stole the money and fled to the distant islands under a new name and false mustache, since the funds transferred to the “lucky ones” greatly exceeded the bank’s assets. As a result, it was the biggest and most expensive mistake ever made in the American banking system.

    Phone with a big ego

    In 2010, the answer to the iPhone appeared on the mobile device market in the face, or rather, in the display of Windows Phone. Later, in 2012, the next version appeared - Windows Phone 8. Nothing catastrophic happened until the moment the user decided to update the software. At this moment, the phone returned a stunning message - "Insert the Windows installation disc and restart your computer." The phone did not specify how and where to insert the disk. The bug occurred because the kernel of the Windows Phone OS is based on Windows NT 1993. For this reason, the phone sometimes considers itself a real desktop computer.

    So, even small devices have a dream of becoming big and strong.


    Siri is a personal assistant for iPhone and iPad owners, able to communicate with them through a question and answer. In 2012, Siri got a bug that forced her to betray the iPhone. To the question “Which phone is the best in the world?” The program answered “Nokia Lumia 900 4G”. The reason for this strange behavior was that the request was sent to the Wolfram Alpha system, which was being serviced by another company. The system, in turn, issued a response based on statistics and user feedback.

    Naturally, this bug was destroyed. Now the program answered the sacred question: "Are you kidding?" Or "The one in your hands."

    Sims 3

    Since its launch, in 2009, Sims 3 has acquired a whole army of fans. This computer simulation game was no exception and kept a lot of bugs. One of which the fans decided to highlight. Namely, a bug distorting the image of the baby. Having performed certain actions (putting a child in certain types of clothes), one could observe a very frightening picture.

    Another bug is the ability to create an army of babies. If you change the name of the child, a new one will appear, and so on ad infinitum.

    Little cracker

    When a family has small children and a game console, parents restrict their children access to adult content. For example, Xbox One lets you set up multiple accounts for different users. One for the child, the other for the parents.

    That's exactly how it was in the family of five-year-old Christopher Wilhelm von Hassel. However, in March 2014, the baby tried to log into his father's account. After the first unsuccessful attempt to enter a password, the young hacker simply entered several spaces in the field, which allowed him to access all his father's games. He told his father, who, by coincidence, worked in the field of information security. A parent reported a Microsoft issue that eradicated the bug. And the boy’s name was posted on the Microsoft website in the “March 2014 Security Researchers” section.

    So Christopher became the smallest hacker in the world.

    Oh, it's not for you.

    How inconvenient it turns out when a personal message does not get to the one who should. For example, an invitation to a romantic dinner, sent to your beloved and got to the boss. Of course, it would be even stranger to get a satisfactory answer. This is precisely the problem that was observed among Android users, and more specifically the Android Messaging Application. For the first time, complaints of recipients being mixed up appeared in 2010, July 28. However, the company did not want to acknowledge the existence of the bug until January 5, 2011.

    Scent of freedom

    In 2011, California prisons faced a lack of space. It was decided to conditionally release a certain number of those prisoners whose crimes were committed long ago and have a low degree of public danger. Simply put, he stole 5 bucks - free, killed a man - a century of will not to see.

    The bug of the program led to the fact that among others 450 people were released with a craving for violence and about 1000 criminals capable of re-stealing and returning to drug use. Moreover, all these kind people were not conditionally released, but completely. Nobody was engaged in the search and return of the prodigal sons.

    A similar situation occurred between 2003 and 2006 in Michigan, where 23 criminals were mistakenly released into the wild. True, most of them were ordinary scammers who did not use violence.

    They told you: "Turn off the light in the toilet"

    The following incident occurred in the city of Lancashire. The Bragerton family, Nigel and Linda, decided to change their electricity supplier from Scottish Power to Npower. The following month, they received an invoice in the amount of no less than 53,480,062 pounds. Note that the previous account was only 87 pounds. The bug occurred due to the fact that the company employee who connected the house saw "0" on the counter and indicated this on the receipt. The computer processing this data decided that the counter made the maximum possible revolutions and calculated their cost.

    The head of the affected family said: “It is good that they did not try to withdraw this amount from my account. Not only would I exceed my credit limit, so would the bank go bankrupt. ”

    Blue screen of death

    In the spring of 1998, a presentation of the new Windows 98 was held. A scanner was connected to the computer, which was supposed to be detected by the system and start working successfully. This was done through the plug and play software. However, immediately after the connection, the system crashed, and everyone saw a blue screen of death.

    At the end, Bill Gates said: "Apparently, that's why we are not selling Windows 98 yet."

    Don't you like cats?

    Minecraft is an extremely fashionable and popular game in which you can build almost everything, if only imagination does not disappoint. And she served someone well, as this man created a fountain of cats. In the game world there are cats that are tamed and then follow the player on the ground. If the player is too far away, the cats simply teleport to him. If you climb onto a tall, tall pole, cats will appear in a never-ending stream, forming a cat's fountain.

    In the video, the author explains the behavioral features of gaming cats and tells how long and diligently he tried to realize this miracle of engineering. This, of course, can hardly be called a bug, but it looks very funny.

    Programming is a complex and creative process. Bugs are an integral part of it. Let them make you laugh, not upset you. Good luck with your programming, and love cats.

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