Apple Mac OS X 10.5.2 update mentions AMD RS780 chipset!

    The first build of the Mac OS X 10.5.2 update was released. And judging by the size of the installation file, this will be the largest technical update of the system in the history of Mac OS X - 350 megabytes of clean fixes.
    The first external assembly 10.5.2 was designated 9C7, and the list of components that Apple asks developers to pay special attention to consists of 37 items. Among them are spell checking, the work of Doc, Rosetta translator (memory leaks eliminated) and Finder environment, iChat, Mail, Safari and Time Machine applications, support for wireless data transfer. A full list of all changes can be found on the Deep Apple Forum.

    The update introduced the triakis.kext module, which contains the code necessary for the operation of video cards based on RV670, RV770 chips. So if the information from MacBidouille is confirmed, then in the new Mac Pro we are waiting for ATI Radeon HD 38X0 or "something similar from the third ATI series."
    Finally, references to the AMD RS780 chipset are also found in the update, i.e. a chipset that contains a built-in video chip on board, and on which motherboards are designed using AMD CPUs, so, perhaps, the appearance of a certain model of Apple Mac with a chipset and processor from AMD.

    It is quite possible, for example, the appearance of a new version of Apple TV with AMD internals! After all, a year has passed since it was released, so it's time to update it.
    Surely Apple’s lawyers drew up an exclusive agreement with Intel in such a way that only desktop and laptop computers are officially covered by it, and Apple TV set-top boxes, excuse me, are not officially a computer;)
    And Apple TV just doesn’t care what kind of mate it is. the board and CPU cost, and Apple says nothing about this in the documentation for Apple TV, because this is consumer goods such as a VCR and therefore Apple has every right to supply any low-end CPU with at least a cheap AMD Athlon or VIA C7. Well, Apple MacOS X and it will probably spin on the new Apple TV 10.5.2, only for Apple TV they use their own interface.

    Another option is that Apple will finally release MacOS X 10.5 for any PC clone :)

    Well, or by developing drivers for AMD motherboards and CPUs, so Apple unofficially supports the development of the Hackintosh project!

    And the most incredible option: Apple executives took the advice of Seeking Alpha, a financial publication that published an article entitled “Ten Reasons Apple Should Buy AMD”

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