We’ll cover the party - the new social network Mooteam.ru

    On December 20, the new social network Mooteam.ru was officially launched .

    The goal of the project is to give users the opportunity to organize their leisure time as simply and conveniently as possible, without waste of time and effort. Network members can view all the interesting events in the “Poster” section, choose something to their liking and invite friends to it.

    Nowadays, social networks are popular on the Internet, where people find long-forgotten acquaintances and enthusiastically add to their friends list. But at some point everyone is faced with the same problem - and then what? In addition, these social networks do not encourage people to meet and spend time together.

    Mooteam.ruundertook to solve this problem. Its creators value live communication more than lazy correspondence and urge everyone to leave the house and stir up the party.

    In the “Poster” section, Mutima users can find a reason to meet, create such an occasion themselves, invite friends, and also discuss the details of the event with them.

    Having indicated his interests, the user will be able to see only those announcements that correspond to his interests.

    Victor Lavrenko, head of the Nigma.ru intellectual search engine development team: “ Mooteam.ru projectIt seems interesting to me that for the first time in RuNet a social network has been created that is focused not on communication on the Internet, but on real, offline communication. A convenient system for exporting contacts from other social networks allows you to quickly gather your friends for pleasant meetings. That is why I think that such social networks, in which the goal is communication, and not just the search for their old friends, have great prospects. ”

    Olga Brukovskaya, Head of Marketing and PR Group, HeadHunter: “In my opinion, the Mooteam.ru project has excellent prospects, since the site saves time on organizing meetings and at the same time encourages joint leisure and friendship through life, rather than over the Internet. "

    At Mooteam.ru, an offline-oriented social network, unlike its purely online counterparts, the business model is understandable - it is known that poster sites earn millions and even tens of millions of dollars on RuNet. It is possible that this particular option of a social network from a simply popular service can become a real business.

    Companies operating in the entertainment industry will be able to take the paid opportunity to post information on their events on the website and invite their target audience directly to them.

    Victor Fabrichenko, head of the Mooteam.ru development team: “We have big plans for developing the service, at least we know what to do in the next six months. For example, in the near future a section will appear in which friends will agree on where and when to go, because finding a compromise is most often the main problem when choosing a meeting place with a large number of friends. Our team will try to make the service more interesting and more useful for users. ”

    I wish the Mooteam.ru team that their site will become not just “another social network,” but a useful and sought-after service.

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