Runet Award 2014


    We ourselves still do not fully believe in this - Payler received the Runet Prize 2014 in the field of economics and business.

    Our processing was recognized as the best financial project in the Russian segment of the Internet. To say that we are proud of such an honor is to say nothing, a year ago we did not even think about awards, and now we have been recognized as the best. We built a product, a brand, a team from scratch and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated and is participating in the project:
    - Art Director Alexander Ilyukhin and Ruslan Mirsalikhov, for the design and accurate verified design;
    - Technical DirectorGennady Trafimenkov, Stanislav Basenko, Stepan, Maxim Pavlov, Andrey Krisanov, Dmitry Filyustin, Alexey and Alexander Sychev, Nikita Sever, Ivan from Billingrad, for managing and developing such a complex and multifunctional product;
    - Our secret system administrator Stanislav - for the uninterrupted operation and for the fact that he qualitatively described the technical positioning of our product, after which we were nominated for an award;
    - Saleszam , Alexander Tairov, Vadim Imangaliev and Sergey Churnosov - for quickly and tirelessly connecting and connecting new clients;
    - Client ManagementMarina Zhirnova and Alexandra Bystrova, for prompt and conscientious work with the documents of our clients;
    - Marketer Oleg Vakhromeev for PR and assistance in promoting our brand;
    - Everyone who has ever worked and works at Polonium Arts - for the fundamental knowledge in the field of development and management, which we laid the foundation for the Payler product;
    - To partners Vitaly H., Roman S., Dmitry G., Denis M., Alexey T., for the development of our group of companies and future access to the international level.

    Next year we devote ourselves to the development of new technologies and new directions.

    Our goal is to achieve the level of NPO (Non-Bank Credit Organization) or even become a Bank. Least.
    Thanks a lot to experts, friends, marketing partners, Habrahabr team, competitors and even those who do not know us yet - thanks to everyone, you will hear about us in the coming year!

    Thank you all very much again!

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