Experience in using MVVM in real projects

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We continue to upload video presentations from our first conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev . The next report is from Yuri Buyanov, an iOS developer at Odnoklassniki, "Experience in using MVVM in real projects."


The report was devoted to the practical aspects of developing iOS applications using the MVVM architecture. In particular, methods for navigating and implementing lists within such an architecture were considered. For students unfamiliar with the subject, a small introduction to MVVM and ReactiveCocoa was made at the beginning of the talk. Slides with a squirrel, a scoop and a unicorn were also shown.

If you have any questions about Yuri’s report, you can ask him personally on Twitter or Facebook .

The report of Alexei Korovyansky from Mb-Lock "Automatic testing of Android applications" we will post on Thursday.

Ash Furrow's previous talk, Reactive Programming in Swift, can be found here .

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