Overview of Microsoft Azure platform updates for October-November

    The news digest of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform platform   contains the main announcements and content for developers, IT professionals and all professionals interested in cloud technologies and the Azure platform. Previous digest releases can always be found at the  following link .


    Now you can test websites without creating an Azure account! - Without specifying a credit card, without creating an Azure account. Only a Microsoft Account is needed. 

    GA and preview

    Preview: Azure Batch - a service for executing task packages without setting up a cluster and task scheduler.
    Preview: Stream Analytics is an engine for processing information about events and receiving useful data in real time. There is integration with Event Hubs, which makes it possible to collect millions of events from millions of devices and immediately carry out processing.
    Preview: Data Factory- a service for managing data sources - structured, unstructured, etc. You can connect SQL Server, Azure Database, Tables, Blobs, a local SQL Server and create from this a workflow in which data will be processed using Apache Hive and Pig or its own algorithm in C #. Video about the service.
    Preview: Elastic Scale - a feature that simplifies scaling the application data layer in the cloud. Based on sharding practices.
    Preview: Apache Storm for Azure HDInsight - now you can handle real-time events with an analytics platform. In HDInsight, you can now also use Hortonworks Data Platform 2.2 (to migrate data from your local Hadoop to HDInsight).
    GA : WebJobs is a functionality with which you can run background tasks when using the WebSites service - you can download almost any executable algorithm and run it according to a trigger or according to a schedule. GA also released the WebJobs SDK, a framework for interacting with WebJobs.
    GA : Event Hubs is a service with which you can collect millions of events from millions of devices. Conceptually speaking, it's the pub / sub queue, which scales and stretches according to needs. Here you can listen about what kind of service it is and how to use it.
    GA : Public IP Addresses for Virtual Machines and the Cloud Services
    Azure SDK2.5 - the new version has a large number of updates.
    SSL v 3 on Azure WebSites is disabled . Read more. 
    OpenStack Swift Object Storage for Windows Azure Pack is a service from Microsoft partner Outworx. Provides support for blobs in a private cloud running Azure Pack.

    VM Readiness Assessment tool - a utility for automatic inventory of local infrastructure and creating a report based on an inventory of what and how to migrate to Azure. Extremely helpful.

    Open Source News

    In our Open Source news, so much has happened that it deserves a separate post.
    .NET Server Core, cross-platform development, Visual Studio 2015 and other Microsoft Connect () announcements

    Useful Content

    Best practices for using Azure Storage from Linux :
    - Azure OS Disk usage
    - Azure Data Disks
    - Need More IOPS or Disk Space?
    - Azure Disk Caching
    - Azure Temporary Disk
    - Azure Disk Resiliency & High-Availability
    - Linux Swap File
    - Linux Disk Layout
    - Linux File System
    - File Access Tracking
    - Software RAID
    Post number 1 and post number 2 - on how to use and what such new services are Azure Data Factory and Stream Analytics.
    Network Security Groups details
    How to set up certificates for Azure WebSites Apps
    Great FAQ on Azure networking features. Need to read. Many questions have been answered, for example, SLA, Ping, Tracert, load balancer, etc.
    How to build a DMZ in Azure - often you need to build a DMZ in the cloud similar to a DMZ locally.
    Detail told about the team Microsoft Red Teaming, Azure is engaged in security testing. It is interesting to see how internal teams check security perimeters.
    About the performance of A / D series machines and recommendations.
    How to upload full-text from the shoulders of the local SQL Server to the cloud onto the shoulders of Azure Search using the example of Integrated Change Tracking

    Stream Analytics- A service for processing events in real time with support for Event Hubs. Learning materials:  
    Introduction to Azure Stream Analytics
    Limits in the Stream Analytics preview release
    Developer guide for Stream Analytics
    Query language reference for Stream Analytics
    REST API reference for Stream Analytics
    Scale Stream Analytics jobs
    Hybrid Cloud Article Series - Useful to read for those who don't want to go completely into the public cloud, but wants to build a hybrid scheme.
    Great Automation Article - " Cloud Automation in a Windows World"that describes how to use popular automation features (Vagrant, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell DSC, Boxstarter, Chocolatey) and containers like Docker and Spoon.net for hybrid deployment.  
    Big Compute in the Cloud with High Performance Computing on Azure - about . problem computationally

    in the video Ā«Introduction to Microsoft Azure RemoteAppĀ» tells about the service RemoteApp - take an image, upload to the service, get the destruction of its execution, you have the RDP client.
    How to use no ICMP, and port pings to verify the virtual machine
    hosts its own virtual conference on Azure
    We use Azure WebSite to AK reverse proxy
    Azure Search Deep Dive - detailed and understandable about the new search service

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