Packard Bell: Windows 7 upgrade

    I was prompted to write this post by the very strange technical support actions of the glorious company Packard Bell.


    So, in August, in one of the retail chains, I purchased a very good Packard Bell TN65 laptop with Windows Vista preinstalled. I was doubly happy with the purchase when the company’s website found the opportunity to upgrade Windows to the new Seven for free after it was released (the cost of delivering a drive of $ 20 does not count).

    But everything turned out not so rosy.

    To get started, I went into the support section of the site to download the latest drivers. I used the serial number to enter. He turned out to be in order and they let me in the right section.

    Later, I tried to register a laptop for a future OS upgrade, and here a surprise awaited me.
    At the stage of registering the serial number, I was informed that the number is incorrect or entered incorrectly.
    The tooltip indicated a photograph of an Acer laptop serial starting with LX. (my serial starts with PC).
    I tried to enter all the numbers from the box and their combinations, but nothing came up.
    Then I wrote in support. In the letter I described the problem, brought all the serial numbers and ... I received no answer. A week later, I called the support line, where they told me that they might have lost my letter since I sent it on Saturday, when support does not work. And for my problem, they suggested contacting the managers immediately, on the same phone, if there was no answer by mail.
    “Strange,” I thought, and after waiting a few more days, I wrote again.
    The result was the same. Two weeks absolutely no response.

    I called support again. This time a very polite specialist immediately realized what it was about. He asked if I introduced a faithful serial. (By the way, there are three numbers: p / n, short s / n and long 22-digit number without a name)
    It turned out to be true. Sometimes p / n + s / n is correct, sometimes this is long.
    In my case, it turned out that the 11th digit of the long number was 8, which meant that the laptop was released in 2008, and could not be updated, since Windows 7 came out in 2009. Thus, the presence of licensed whists, indicating the model in the list for upgrade, and buying a laptop in the period indicated by Microsoft in which it will be possible to upgrade, do not allow me to make Windows 7 Upgrade.

    I am disappointed. Probably this could not happen abroad.
    Prompt habralyudi, whether it is possible to do something with it? Can I count on an upgrade? I don’t want to pay the full cost of the seven (I already paid for Vista). I am able to download and install a pirate, but since I have successfully turned up the opportunity to upgrade, I would like to get what I promised. And to use the license is nevertheless more pleasant and calmer.

    thanks for the karma. moved to a thematic blog.

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