The life cycle of a single HYIP. Everything ended as always ...

    I want to tell you the life cycle of one average, as it turned out short-term investment fund. And so, it all started with the fact that I saw a banner on one reputable foreign publication. It was an ad for an investment fund called Shiftmoney Inc.
    I was not going to invest there, but I just remembered the name and the banner that was striking. In the process of visiting other foreign ecom resources, I drew attention to the fact that absolutely everywhere there is an advertisement for this company. Became interesting. The site turned out to be very pleasant, in the best traditions of this area, with smiling people symbolizing the success of the company.
    In addition to the standard 3 tariff plans, there was something interesting, for example, the weekly currency was selected every week and when investing in this currency the client received + 5% of the deposit amount. It was also interesting that the service, in addition to the usual Liberty reserve and Perfect Money investments, also accepted Alertpay, Solidtrustpay and bank transfer. For many, it seems to me that this served as an impetus in order to begin to trust Shiftmoney with their money.
    The first stage of the HYIP development, the stage of creating and promoting the fund (5.10-12.10), took place in such a cunning way. Advertising was everywhere: on forums, information portals, websites hosted an interview with the site admin ... Excellent affiliate program ... All this encouraged me to invest here. First, HYIP monitors entered the “battle”, they also need to somehow advance. The progress was in full swing, more and more new users were involved, cash flow began to flow into the pockets of the company. And here the fun begins. After 5 days (16.10), the company's accounts in Alertpay and Solidtrustpay were frozen due to the fact that verification documents were not provided. As for bank transfers, it is actually impossible to obtain a license for this type of activity, therefore the company used intermediaries. This, of course, scared away some people, but despite all this, new customers appeared. Successfully passed the second life stage - the stage of rapid growth (12.10-16.10). Then the saturation stage began (16.10-27.10) - new clients appeared less often, but payments were stably carried out, many reinvested their funds in this program. October 27, 2009 atThe website of the International Financial Services Commission in Bailey posted a warning that Shiftmoney operates without any license and that it is a fraud. And here it is, the last stage - the stage of divorcing everyone for money. (27.10.- to this day). Payments immediately ceased to be made, the site, just like support, became unavailable, in general everything ended as always.
    Summing up, we can say - be careful and attentive when managing your money, otherwise someone else will manage it for you.

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