Evernote for Android introduces business card scanning


    Business Card Scanning, one of Evernote ’s popular premium features , is now available on Android.

    Download the Evernote Android Update >>

    Switch to the business card capture mode in Evernote for Android and take a picture of the business card. Evernote instantly recognizes the text in the photo and places the contact data in the desired fields.

    Connecting Evernote to your LinkedIn account for added accuracy. As soon as you do this, we will supplement the digital business card with information about the person from his profile, including a photo, and also provide the opportunity to contact him on LinkedIn.

    Free access to the function with LinkedIn
    If you use the free version of Evernote, then by connecting your account to LinkedIn, you will get unlimited access to the function of scanning business cards for one year.

    Features of business card notes

    Unlike most notes in your account, notes with scanned business cards have a clear structure. For example, when you open a note, you will see the phone icon next to the phone number, and the envelope next to the email address. Click on one of the necessary icons to call or write to the owner of a business card. Click the edit icon to add notes or update information. You will also have the opportunity to add a contact to your phone’s address book.

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