Multiplo constructor - create your own robot

    I noticed the Mutiplo project a long time ago, at the stage when they successfully completed the kickstarter campaign - it was in October 2012. The project shot successfully - almost 10-fold excess of the declared amount! Of the claimed $ 15,000, $ 132,022 and more than 700 depositors were raised.

    The aim of the project is to provide constructive and electronic components in such a way - so that a novice person can assemble his robot and program without soldering and complex coding.

    The constructive solution was original - they came up with their own fastening mechanisms, and the big plus was that the project was a completely open-source and open-hardware project - that is, all drawings of structural elements had to be made publicly available - so that anyone could cut on laser CNC or print on a 3D printer. And also the circuits of all used electronics are laid out in open access.

    In that distant 2012, I was only interested in robotics, and I was wondering what would come of this project. The following year, we organized a hack space in Yekaterinburg - MakeItLab, and of course the Mutiplo set was one of those that we wanted to see live, and recently we ordered several sets.

    This is what the set looks like after receiving it:

    Immediately pay attention to convenient packaging in the form of a suitcase with a handle, and the age of the target group is indicated: 14+.

    The project logo is indicated on the side:

    We open our suitcase:

    Here is the diagram of what is inside:

    What a robot consists of

    The average statistical robot includes the following elements:
    1. "Brain" is a microcontroller, or microcomputer
    2. sensors are what receive signals
    3. actuators / motors - this is what acts on the outside world, with the help of which it moves
    4. connecting elements - with this, the elements are connected
    5. nutrition
    6. structural elements - this is the frame on which everything is installed, and fasteners

    Multiplo Elements

    Hidden text
    Ultrasonic distance sensor

    IR receiver IR


    Sound sensor


    sensor Light sensor


    IR remote control

    DC motors

    Servo motors

    Battery holder

    We look that further in a suitcase.

    Someone might think this is wheels for a vacuum cleaner:

    No, it's just the 3rd wheel, for a mobile platform - where there are two driving wheels, and the third point is made on the basis of such a solution.

    Here is a packed IR remote control for remote control of the robot

    , we also see the tools for work - a screwdriver and keys.

    Here’s a closer look at the structural element:

    White is for body elements, and blue is for wheels.

    Here are the 4 wheels themselves:

    rubber tires, and constructive for the drive, like this in assembled form it turns out:

    Here are the connectors:

    moreover, for motors and sensors - different connecting wires. Connectors are connected to the motor, and to the main board. On the right is a USB cable for connecting Arduino to a computer (for recording a program).

    Cable for connecting to sensors and servo (35 cm)

    Cable for connecting motors (30 cm)


    We draw attention to the elements of the iron constructor, familiar to some from the Soviet youth :)


    Microcontroller programming is not the easiest programming if you are a beginner.
    The Multiplo project provides several solutions for visual programming in Arduino: Minibloq

    Minibloq is a visual programming environment where you can create a program using Drag & Drop - see how it runs on a computer, and then write to the controller (Arduino), the project website

    What can be done

    Here are some examples of robots that can be done on the basis of the Multipo constructor:

    Educational stands are also possible, such as this:

    Assembly instructions, tutorials are available in the public domain .

    Set price

    The kit provided here is the Building Kit v1.0, on its basis you can assemble two mobile robots. This option sells for $ 269.90. There is a starter kit for $ 134. A list of Multiplo kits can be found here .

    Do it yourself

    All drawings are posted on the github project page :

    Therefore, if desired, and opportunities can be made independently.

    UPDATE : another article: Open source robot constructor Multiplo

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