Reactive programming in Swift

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In late October, Moscow hosted our first conference of mobile developers #MBLTDev . 17 speakers from England, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Russia and the USA came to listen to more than 300 people.

We will gradually lay out the reports of presentations with presentations and begin with the report of Canadian blogger Ash Furrow, "Reactive programming in Swift." In addition to blogging , Ash is an iOS developer of the Artsy online gallery and the author of several books on iOS development.


In his talk, Ash introduced the audience to the basics of the ReactiveCocoa framework, illustrating them with Swift examples. He also talked about an application that he is currently working on at Artsy using these tools. The application, which is noteworthy, is open source and available on GitHub.

Next week we will talk about the report “Experience in using MVVM in real projects” by Yuri Buyanov from Odnoklassniki and “Automatic Testing of Android Applications” by Alexei Korovyansky from Mb-Lock.

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