A flaw in iWeb.

    I need help, your help, or rather the help of the Russian poppy community.
    There is an unpleasant bug in iWeb that affects Russian-speaking users.

    The first post complaining about this bug can be found here community.livejournal.com/en_mac/9451204.html
    The original post on my site + a temporary solution to the problem here:
    www.tayleraleks.com/not_empty_space/blog/posts/2009/4/4_iWeb_bug_and_temporary_solution .html

    Thanks for the help as well DeepApple:

    In ru_mac:

    When we export to MobileMe , iWeb creates links containing Russian characters for example

    Accordingly, in many forums, services (including those that reduce URL sizes), Russian characters are transformed into horrors of the form: www.tayleraleks.com/not_empty_space/ blog / posts / 2009/3 / 15_meåtà_níoípólénée_waet.html

    And accordingly the link does not open.

    But when exporting to a local folder or to FTP , automatic transliteration occurs .
    These links are obtained that are quite entitled to life:
    file: ///Users/aleksandrkulikov/Sites/not_empty_space/blog/posts/2009/3/15_Mecta_neopredelennogo_cveta.html

    I contacted MobileMe Support- corresponded with them for almost two weeks. He requested that they use the same function when exporting the site to MobileMe .
    I eventually received a letter containing the following text:
    <---------------------------------------- ------------------>
    Dear Aleksandr,

    This is Johnny a MobileME Support Agent. Thank you for your detailed email on the issue and request. I do understand the need for such a feature. Unfortunately, its a request so, I must go ahead and forward this to the proper channels. I added a request to my Engineers.

    What I need you to do is get as many members you know that are requesting this to the MobileMe Feedback page at:


    The Engineers, Marketing, and Managers read the feedback forms carefully. The more votes on the request the likely hood it will be implemented.

    Thank you for your patience in this and I hope that we can get this resolved for you in the future.

    Johnny M.
    MobileMe Support

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to assist you. You may receive an AppleCare survey email; any feedback you provide would be greatly appreciated.

    <------------------------------------------------- ---------> A
    free translation is something like this:

    Thanks for your letter. We will consider your request. But if you want it to be solved faster, then you need to as many people as possible complain about this shortcoming.

    So I ask you to help everyone and complain about this problem :) The
    address for complaints is here:
    In the Feedback Type (required) field : iWeb Publishing .

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