new debugger for Smarty: Quicky debugger is now available

    I never liked the debugger for Smarty: huge canvases of arrays, the inability to see long text, not displaying debugging for objects - these shortcomings were fixed in the Quicky template engine, but so far many have used Smarty (and I have some projects), so I sat down Something I wrote a normal debugger for smarts too - everyone who needs to use it, comment on

    - tree-like opening of arrays
    - debug of objects
    - the ability to see the entire text variable

    download pamper | see | try | fall in love here b:

    UPD : minusers you justify what you minus for, otherwise it’s not so beautiful

    Yes, projects that are old on smart somehow need to be supported, of course you can often just put the quiks and forget about the problems, but not always (the quiks are not 100% compatible, but only 95%) so it’s possible to add functionality later to track places where the variables were declared is a very useful feature (by the way, made in quicks).
    UPD :
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