The first CloudCamp in Belarus (current event program)


    On April 7, Minsk will host the first CloudCamp in Belarus. The host of the event is Dave Nielsen (USA), founder of Silicon Valley CloudCenter and organizer of CloudCamps around the world.

    Event purpose

    Popularization of Cloud Computing in Belarus.

    Who will be interested

    CloudCamp traditionally brings together developers, system engineers, managers, R&D specialists, technical experts, and anyone interested in the topic of cloud computing.

    Where and when

    April 7, 2012 in the Club "Center", Minsk, October Square, 1 (Palace of the Republic).


    12:00 - Welcome & Introductions
    12:20 - Lightning Talks (mini-presentations up to 10 minutes)

    Section 1

    1. Dave Nielsen , Cloud Computing Evangelist, CloudCamp Founder - The economically unstoppable cloud.
    2. Alena Matokhina , Cloud Computing Solution Architect, EPAM Systems - Main issues during migration to cloud and process unification.
    3. Alexey Bokov , Azure Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Russia - Windows Azure - platform for cloud services.
    4. Sergiy Dudkovskyy , Product manager, Fujitsu Technology Solutions (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) - Building up cloud infrastructure? It is easy!
    5. Andrey Bosak , VRP Cloud Services Delivery Director - no software, no headache.

    13: 20-13: 40 - Coffee break

    Section 2

    1. Alexandr Kruk , Senior Software Engineer, Ciklum - Heroku. How to focus on development, but not on delivering.
    2. Sergei Sudlenkov , HP Storage Division Sales Representative, HP Enterprise Business - HP Cloud Services Portfolio and HP Cloud Strategic Approach
    3. Ruslan Raikevich , CIO ActiveCloud - 10 minutes - is it enough?
    4. Sergey Sergyenko , a chief of the RightScale development team at Altoros, Ruby Evangelist - Multi-Cloud management for High Availablity.

    14: 20-14: 40 - Coffee break
    14:40 - Unpanel (informal discussion with experts)
    15:10 - Begin Unconference (choice of topics for further discussion in groups)
    15:30 - Breakout Sessions Round 1 (group discussion - round 1)
    16:15 - Breakout Sessions Round 2 (discussion in groups - round 2)
    17.00 - Wrap-up (summing up)
    17:15 - 20:00 Afterparty / beers (but what about without it :))

    Participation in the event is free. Registration on the site is required.

    Attention : the program is still being formed. If you want to speak at CloudCamp with a mini-report or as an expert, as well as become an event partner, contact the organizers by e-mail .


    Event partners

    What is CloudCamp?

    CloudCamp is an informal event dedicated exclusively to Cloud Computing. The structure of the event, based on mini-presentations, discussions and round tables, allows you to productively discuss the most relevant topics for the “clouds”, communicate with specialists, increasing your own competence and, most importantly, share experiences and ideas. The advantage of CloudCamp is that participants themselves build a meeting program, choosing the most interesting topics for discussion. All this forms the unique atmosphere of CloudCamp, which ensures the popularity of the event around the world.

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