Eviterra Flavored API

    Hi, Habrahabr!

    We are one of the most modern (and cheap) flight services
    Eviterra.com have not written anything here for a long time, because we are preparing some very interesting news: for example, soon we will have a very significant update of the interface (by the way, no one did this before) , bonus programs and much more.

    Well, in the meantime, there is great news for all geeks, web developers, marketers, startups, hipsters, aviators and more. If you have a website where you want to search for airline tickets, then you can do it with us right now.

    We have a great XML API for everyone. With it, you can search for airline tickets and display the results completely in your design. To purchase, the user is redirected to us, and you get half the income from the ticket sold through you. All statistics, of course, are available in real time.

    Interesting? Send us a short description of your project (or future project) at support@eviterra.com and we will tell you what to do next.

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