Some protection of online stores from scams and hooliganism.

    I decided to share the practical implementation in the online store.

    We have an online store selling goods with delivery to the client. Practice has shown that having made a mandatory, not even 100% prepayment, orders come in an order of magnitude less. Having made post-payment, that is, payment upon receipt by mail, there are much more orders, but there are a lot of returns - customers simply do not pick up goods from the mail - the reasons are very diverse, and even if they contacted the customer first, they stop taking phones, etc. etc. Returns from the post office are lost money, because the owner of an online store has to pay for mail services.

    What I did: a functional was added to the basket, obliging you to "confirm" the order made, if the payment form is selected - "payment upon receipt by mail". Confirmation takes place by sending SMS (to all familiar services representing these services fully). The cost of SMS can be set depending on the value of the order, well, we settled on 100r. (yes, the cellular company will take part) Moreover, the client is informed that the cost of SMS confirmation will be included in the offset of the cost of the goods.

    Thus, the client is not psychologically afraid of losing money for the goods (if he decided to buy, SMS is not an obstacle), if it were an advance payment, and the seller eliminates a lot of unnecessary actions and expenses for empty shipments. Costs were reduced, and the work of sellers was optimized, especially relevant for young startups and stores.

    Maybe someone will come up with an idea.

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