Free web-forwarding from Google

    It's no secret that Google applications cannot work on the naked domain, and for sites on Google Apps I had to look for a third-party web-forwarding service or use wwwizer. Google finally decided to rectify the situation and create its own forwarding service for bare domains. The new service can only redirect to a subdomain and only from a bare domain.

    To activate the service, you need to enable preliminary versions of functions in the Google Apps domain settings and select the next generation interface. After that, the interface will become English-language, and the “Domain names” tab will appear in the “Domain settings” section and all that remains is to click on the “Redirect your naked domain” link, select the subdomain to which it will be redirected and make changes on the NS server. It is worth noting that Google has approached the solution to the problem with the usual seriousness and in the A-record it will be necessary to add as many as 4 IP addresses.

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