Simple timer for multiple tasks

    imageGolden Minute HQ is a small service for recording working (and not only) time.

    At work, we use FreshBooks , and he has a pretty good timer, the whole problem is that he is alone. Sometimes my work schedule is rather torn (10 minutes in the IDE, 15 minutes to talk with the developers, etc.), and you have to write down the time quite often, and then also remember the wording of the previous task when you need to return to it. I did not regret one of the post-work evenings, and wrote what, in my opinion, solves this problem: Golden Minute HQ (without HQ it was busy, I decided to follow BaseCamp's example :)


    One page (HTML + JS), many timers, starting any of them automatically stops the rest (working 30 hours today will not work).

    Timers are stored in cookies for 10 days - you can reload the page as much as you like.
    Esc cancels timer editing.

    If it helps someone - use your health.
    Well, I did not test for Mac / Linux / IE6, etc., because it is not an end in itself (and there is CSS3). But if something is floating somewhere, let me know. It is also worth noting that there is no synchronization with FreshBooks yet, after all, this is not a matter of one evening.

    UPD: Created a Twitter account , if anyone is interested to stay tuned

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