Team Fortress 2 Sniper Update

    So, we meet: the next update in Team Fortress, now - for everyone "beloved" sniper.


    Any experienced sniper will tell you how targets annoy him when they move. How to stop these scammers running at the speed of the wind and feeling at home? Nail them to the wall! Arrows!

    “Wait a minute,” you say. “I am strong, but no one can throw an arrow so hard.” Introducing the Hunter bow, which will solve this thousand-year-old problem of throwing arrows.

    “Wait a minute,” you say. “Aren't bow and arrows primitive and harmless?” Want to find out from dinosaurs? But you can’t just because under the arrows of cavemen they fell. One headshot from the Hunter can be critical, as an addition to a corpse puzzled by an arrow hanging from the wall is awful and ridiculous.

    Even if they do not die, they will run around with a piece sticking out of the body, which will confirm your brilliant archery and their complete lack of dodging skills. The quiver holds 18 arrows, which are charged to lethal force in one second.

    upd: initially I translated the text from English, and only then noticed a link to the Russian version :) I correct it.

    upd2: thanks for the attack on karma, I hope you liked the news :)

    Translation: Valve

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