The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 79 (November 10-16)

    An interesting week with a lot of interesting materials. We discussed Google Play bans again, understood HomeKit, launched Windows 98 on iPhone 6, followed conferences for Samsung and Microsoft developers, and finally brewed tea and brewed coffee in smart kettles.

    Why Google blocks applications. Bylina

    It was decided to create 2 versions, free and paid - without ads and with additional bonuses. Both applications were moderated without incident and appeared on Google Play. I was already happy and began to mentally prepare for the purchase of a yacht, like Abramovich’s, but it wasn’t there.

    The Home Kit Framework - Learn More About Apple's Home Automation Protocol

    HomeKit is a new format for communicating and managing connected devices in the user's home. The program can give users the ability to detect devices in the house and configure them, as well as the ability to set actions to control these devices. Users can group actions together and call them using Siri.

    How a non-programmer created his mobile application

    I want to share the story of how, as a non-programmer, I was able to write my first mobile application thanks to (or against it) MS Visual Studio 2013 and even publish it in the Windows Phone store. I ask you to take into account the readers that I am the most inexperienced non-programmer who can do little in this area, so if I didn’t solve some problems as elegantly as I could solve them, then don’t particularly mock me - this is my first experience in such a thing.



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