How to create and make money on SaaS | Part 12 | Mobile revolution of access to the clouds: how to change the operator in one-click

    Today I would like to soften the painful topic for everyone of access to clouds from mobile devices and look into the future that several companies have already put into practice, using a completely new approach in choosing tariffs and operators.
    What does the cloud have to do with it? For cloud computing and applications, access is always critical, access from anywhere, and this is hindered by the policy of mobile operators, which still do not quite understand why they are playing roaming.


    The best scenario for choosing the best access option

    The abolition of mobile slavery made it possible to change the operator while maintaining their number. However, this procedure is quite complicated, not free, and requires a personal visit of the subscriber to the operator’s office. At the same time, the need for high-quality mobile Internet is growing more and more, and this service does not require the preservation of numbers.
    The optimal shift scenario looks so that the user can select the desired operator (for example, the highest quality in the location or the cheapest) directly from the mobile application, while maintaining their balance. Practical use of the script (convenient and profitable) during foreign trips, as you can choose a local telecom operator and not pay huge roaming payments to your “beloved” home operators.

    Giant Pioneers

    In October 2014Apple has announced the launch of several new mobile phone SIM cards in the new iPad Air 2 tablets. The idea of ​​the novelty came down to the fact that iPad users can choose the optimal operator from the application in the area where the subscriber is located. While the opportunity extends to the United States and the UK.
    In fact, Apple announced the beginning of the era of roaming-free communications, and such solutions will become a trend in mobile communications in 2015. As a result, the mobile operator becomes only a “pipe” for data transfer, and all work with subscribers, including payment acceptance and billing, will be taken over by service providers - smartphone manufacturers, large system integrators and other companies independent of operators.
    Subscribers receive significant benefits:
    1. A noticeable improvement in the quality of mobile Internet, as in one “click” you can select the operator with the fastest connection at the user's location.
    2. A tenfold decrease in roaming tariffs during foreign trips due to direct connection to a local operator without roaming intermediaries.


    Technology and benefit to everyone

    I always said that technology does not solve anyone’s problems - they can either kill the existing one or provide opportunities. And so it turns out - we are moving towards a new paradigm of choice and mobile operators themselves are implementing it. To implement the revolutionary idea of ​​“selecting an operator from an application”, the GSM association, which includes more than 800 operators around the world, has developed a unified standard for managing integrated SIM cards (eUICC) and updating profiles of SIM cards “over the air” (“over-the- air ”). This allows you to install SIM cards of local mobile operators directly from a mobile application and at the same time provides a level of security no lower than when working with traditional physical SIM cards.
    The question immediately arises: is it profitable for mobile operators? It turns out to be very beneficial:
    1. Subscribers need high-quality mobile Internet, and the mobile operator providing the best service receives a significant competitive advantage.
    2. Local operators are already selling prepaid SIM cards for visiting tourists. And the new technology allows you to "buy" these SIM cards in a very convenient form - with one "click" and maintaining your balance. Accordingly, the volume of sales among operators is growing significantly.
    3. Service providers offer their customers service packages, and may include significant amounts of free Internet traffic as bonuses. It also boosts operator revenue.
    The mobile revolution is already close: subscribers will receive better service at affordable prices, and competent mobile operators will significantly increase their income.

    Who's new?

    In addition to Apple, the Russian company SIMWO is played by the Russian company ComfortWay , which is developing gadgets and applications for tourists . I’ll talk about company technologies that change the landscape of access to the clouds in the following posts.

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